Monday, April 16, 2018

SSEAYP journey

So the opportunity of being sseayp is here again. And i think it would be apt for me to share my experiences on this 2nd year anniversary.

Before i begin here is the link to join. Only a few days left to closing date.

Keen to experience different cultures and gain valuable global perspective? Or looking to make new friends from around the world? And represent your country for a worthy cause.

Join them for an exciting journey on the Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP)! :D

Apply by 30 April 2018. Head over to to find out more!

So the question many practical people asked me is what is there to gain? My answer to them is what is there to lose ? And thats its important to go there with the excitment to learn. To learn more about another country. To learn what interests the youth/young adults nowadays. To learn and have the opportunity to practice another country language. (This part i regret the most not doing) . Its indeed the soft skills that you pick up and of course learn more about yourself on this journey.

Oh yes maybe your fear is sea sicknesses since this expedition is close to 3 months on the sea.  And it is a valid fear. For me thankfully the sea sickness only became real on the ship returning back to japan. The good news is you can enjoy yourself all the way there since the sea tide is usually in the same direction as the ship so it isnt that shaky and i guess the number of people on board made it more stable somewhat.
Oh. Anyway you will not be on the ship all the time. This expedition stops at 3 countries each time ( for me i stopped at vietnam thailand singapore and indonesia - our time was 4 countries)  and you get back on land (haha back to civilization where you get internet and social media  - which i believe is a lifeline to those who thrive on it ) For me it felt lovely to be unconnected. To truly communicate and talk to the people around. No link to the happenings outside. No worries. No stress. Just absorbing the beauty of this expedition.

So what do we do on land and what do we do on the ship. Simply said on land we interact with the locals nation countrywide and on the ship the representative of those countries.

So was it worth 3 months away?!?!? Some of you would ask me

If you are a person like me who thrives on knowledge learning, I think the topic you choose will influence how you benefit from it. We must understand that everyone comes from different walks of life and of different ages and point in their life. And that this program primarily focuses on mutual understanding and sharing. Not on coming up with a research paper.

What was precious was the friendship formed. Knowing more about my strengths and weaknesses. Toning down my pride. Being open to learn and most important listen and to respect. And truly just being there gave me time disconnected and just. Reflecting. On what i want to do. What i can do. And more.

Oh oh oh! So i forgot to answer the part on what do we do onboard.
There are sharing of ideas, presentations and also culture workshop exchange - culture singing eg anime, wayang , language learning and how the language came about, the daily life culture eg making kopi the traditional way, designing local hats etc - i love these sessions the most.

And every time we are back on board, we get to appreciate the performance by different countries. For them to tell the story of their homeland. To tell of their culture. To tell of their future.
It feels like back to the old times of camping . Love it !

Oh and how I miss seeing the sea and the sun rise the minute I wake up!

And one of the most important and key thing why i would go back on the ship- the star gazing night. I cannot describe how amazing it is. But to lie on the deck of the ship watching the stars in the middle of the ocean a blanket of darkness and the ship rotating with the stars placing being explained. AWESOME!!!!!

Do pm me if you have any other questions to ask :) i need to head out to work now hahahahahaha

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Singapore youth conference 2018

Thanks for invitation.
Enjoyed myself at singapore youth conference - a collaboration between paym and nyc. 
So the first workshop i went to was about leadership and discovering your purpose and your story. 
The format was inspired by marshall ganz where it requires one to think about what affectes you in life that made you be who you are today and that determines your value and purpose. 
I was very inspired by the sharing by the participants as it reminded me that contributing and giving back is always a choice. Regardless of your background. Regards of what you have gone through
 Because everyone who has a story might inspire. Because time doesnt cost. Ok that said it might cost something to others. But aint it all about rearranging your schedule around it. But as my mum says not some people feels overwhelmed when they are in the situation and prefer to just give financially. Sure by all means. 
The main thing is do something.

My second workshop was on our national day pledge. I still remembered when i was living overseas and also when i was on the ssseap ship saying the pledge always made me feel like crying. Its like a prayer for singapore each time i said it for what we were and what we are to be

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation

So the question arise. What is the pledge to us. So we each chose an area of interest. For me i chose we the citizens of singapore
It was an open conversation
 Our concerns our appreciations our present our future our people etc etc
And i was glad it was filled with people asking how we could each contribute to the promises of the pledge in our own way - our voluntary our schools our workplace our family our neighborhood our community and more. Noone asking if our government should do more. Noone asking if policies can be changed. Its all about ourselves making the change. Because that can see a greater impact. Because this is our nation and our people.  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing SSEAYP 2016 (Ship for Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Programme)

Yes I am back as promised.
To share on this expedition I am going for this year.

For me, the reason I joined was that I had interest in hearing from different countries' on their viewpoints on issues in their countries - their perspective, their solution, their culture etc

I have traveled,worked and stayed in various countries and am always amazed by how much I get to learn - and it also teaches me to be thankful for what I have but at the same time, realize there is much more I can do for my own homeland.



Bringing together more than 300 youths from ASEAN countries and Japan, the  Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP) provides youths with the unique opportunity to live together on board the Nippon Maru Ship for over 50 days. SSEAYP is an annual programme sponsored and Organised by the Cabinet Office of Japan and supported by the governments of Southeast Asia ASEAN. 

SSEAYP began in January 1974 after Joint Statements were issued between Japan and five ASEAN countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. They were joined by Brunei Darussalam in 1985, followed by Vietnam in 1996. Both Laos and Myanmar came on board in 1998, with Cambodia as the latest newcomer in 2000. Apart from broadening youths’ international outlook, SSEAYP also fosters friendship and greater understanding among youths from Japan and ASEAN.  

Through SSEAYP, participating youths have the opportunity for international exposure and leadership development as they play a significant role as youth ambassadors for Singapore. The National Youth Council (NYC), Singapore’s national co-ordinating body for youth affairs, oversees the programme. 

Image result for SSEAYP
The journey promises participants with vibrant discussions on social and youth matters, eye-opening cultural exchanges and participation in sports, recreational and club activities. At each port of call, participants can look forward to interacting with the local youths, pay courtesy calls on dignitaries, visit local institutions, get involved in community service and experience a unique home stay programme.

Image result for SSEAYP

Applications are usually open from Feb to April,
Interviews follow up once application close.

Taking place from 25 October to 14 December 2016*, this year’s SSEAYP will visit four of the ten ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia)and Japan. Singapore will be sending a contingent of 28 youths and a National Leader to participate in SSEAYP 2016.
Discussion topics to name a few has education, social issues, international relations and more.
Here's the facebook page for this year SSEAYP 2016 - 43rd batch

Here's a  blog that provides you an idea of the stories on board
And another from another participant
And another

Image result for SSEAYP

Note: The commitment level however is no joke
But I hope the experience will be worth it all. Will share again when I'm back.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Food Invite: Awesome new chillout place in the Upper thomson/AMK Area - TaiPei Seoul Cafe 台北 . 首尔

Apologies for being away but recently I'm involved in this organisation called SSEAYP. I'll do a write up in the next post. 

Just as I was craving for some inspiration, I'm glad to be introduced by fellow blogger Jessie to this cafe called Tai Pei Seoul 台北- 首尔 Cafe that is situated at 10 Jalan Leban, Singapore 577551 (Near my house!) at Upper Thomson/ AMK Area. Considering there were so many thematic cafes popping up in the area, frankly I didn't have high hopes. Boy, was I wrong. Specially if you are a drama fanatic like me!
Check out the highlights they have at their facebook page 
And the best thing is its open from 12noon to.... 12 midnight! (Haha a thing to be happy about specially if you have a bunch of friends like me who work hard during the day and like to chill at night - thinking of what to do other than KTV)

Finding the place is quite easy since its near the road.
Sit Bus 169 from Ang Mo Kio Hub Interchange and alight at the 7th stop.
Here's the map for easy reference

I liked the fact that the place was very spacious and the pastel colors very soothing. Very good for a chilling afternoon session if you know what I mean. To sit at a place to chill for a long time and chit chat, the environment is very very important.

And I loved the idea of having varied choices of drinks for me to choose from - Named after movies I love - I'm not really a coffee/tea person, and I think chilling with fizzy drinks so here's my preferences

薔微之戀 (Drama:The Rose)
我有一天真的能遇见 (芙蓉) 
After having a fateful where she is dumped by her boyfriend and her grandmother dies, Zheng Baihe discovers that her birth mother is not actually dead. In fact, her birth mother is the famous actress Han Li. She eventually finds herself in the Han family, surrounded by three cold-hearted half-siblings who are isolated from society. This is a fairy tale of how Zheng Baihe changes her half-siblings, and finds the Cinderella within herself.

绿光森林( Drama: Green Forest, My Home)
Classic Line
The series is set around the fictional Royal Spencer Academy of Music. Sophie (Esther Liu) is a wealthy girl. Luoshan (Song Zhi Ai) is the daughter of Sophie's parents' chauffeur. When Luoshan's father dies in an accident while driving drunk, she is adopted by Sophie's family and takes the name Susan instead of Luoshan. Thereon, Susan plans to take whatever Sophie has.

下一站幸福:(translated the next stop of happiness - Drama: Autumn's Concerto)
Here's classic line from the TV Series:



There are still many more ...
Do pop by to check out the rest.

For those who yearn for the snacks from Taiwan street markets, I would say 
go for my favorite: Sour Plum Sweet Potato sticks (Just thinking of them makes me salivate)

They also had mains

Golden Chicken Thigh

My favorite : Egg drop soup. Beef Ttdeokbokki Stew 
Light on the stomach. 
Their rice cakes were cooked for too long but I like it. 

My 2nd Favorite: Pork Ribs Potato Stew
It may look ... but its really yummy! The pork rib was very soft.
Even for a non-meat lover like me, I loved it

Ham and Cheese Pork Cutlet.
Have to eat it while its hot!

Korean Spicy Chicken Jigae
A tad too spicy for me and the side dishes I think can be improved on
The chicken was soft and tender though

And the desserts were true to its taste

You want matcha, You got it
I love the mix of bitter and sweetness for Matcha

You want pumpkin. You got it
I love the lasting taste of the pumpkin. Like pumpkin puree.

As for chocolate lava, Hard to go wrong with that. And I'm glad it was bubbling hot with it appeared before us.

For the macaroon ice cream, I love macaroons and I personally felt it would be better if there was  thicker macaroon crust and lesser ice cream.

As for the Wafffle, I'm not sure if its because we kept it to the last that the thing was quite hard and not fluffy but......I'm sure how waffle lovers like me understand it - we need our waffles to be fluffy and soft. Love the fresh strawberries and strawberry sorbet though.

Should you visit Taipei Seoul Cafe in September (till 22 Sept 2016),  you can flash this blog post or mention 'CLARESSA' at the cashier during payment to enjoy a 15% discount with NO MINIMAL PURCHASE.

For a Free Dessert of the Day while you are there, do like Taipei Seoul's Facebook or follow them on Instagram

** Pardon me if my photos don't do justice to the food drinks desserts or place because... my phone camera had some issues that day and I could only take it in the selfie format.

    Sunday, May 8, 2016

    Mexican Film Festival 2016

    And my favorite time of the year is here again~!
    Mexican Film Festival 2016.

    Venue: The Arts House
    1 Old Parliament Lane S179429
    Admission is based on a first-come, first-served basis, and subjected to rating policies as stipulated by the Media Development Authority of Singapore.

    The Mexican Film Festival makes a comeback this May and showcases contemporary Mexican female directors who have made their mark in Mexico’s film industry.
    Violet Perfume: No One is Listening(Perfume de violetas, nadie te oye)
    WED, 18 May, 7pm & THU, 26 May, 6.30pm
    Director: Maryse Sistach
    Main Cast: Ximena Ayala, Nancy Gutiérrez, Arcelia Ramírez, María Rojo, Luis Fernando Peña, César Balcazar
    2000 \ 88 min \ Rating TBC
    This is the story of Yessica (Ximena Ayala) and Miriam (Nancy Gutiérrez), adolescent girls from a poor neighbourhood in Mexico City. Despite their different personalities, the two girls form a strong friendship that begins in secondary school. They share everything from notebooks to make-up and perfume. Tragedy unfolds when violent accomplices Jorge (Luis Fernando Peña) and El Topi (César Balcazar) kidnap Yessica.

    THU, 19 May, 7pm & FRI, 27 May, 6.30 pm
    Director: María Novaro
    Main Cast: María Rojo, Daniel Rergis, Carmen Salinas, Blanca Guerra, Tito Vasconcelos, Margarita Isabel
    1991 \ 96 min \ NC16
    This film takes its name from the French contredanse or social dance that has precise rules and is, at once, lascivious and contained, much like Mexican sexuality. The story tells of a series of unexpected events in Julia’s (María Rojo) otherwise mundane life. Julia, an exuberant middle-aged telephone operator in Mexico City, meets Carmelo (Daniel Rergis) during her weekly outings to the Salón Colonia, where she unleashes her passion for dance. Carmelo’s sudden and mysterious disappearance takes Julia to Veracruz in her search for him. The journey turns into one of personal discovery as Julia explores – against the tropical backdrop of Veracruz – a world of sensuality, love and feminism. This drama became the first Mexican film to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in more than a decade.

    Without a Trace
    (Sin dejar huella)
    FRI, 20 May, 6.30pm & THU, 26 May, 8.30 pm
    Director: María Novaro
    Main Cast: Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Tiaré Scanda, Jesús Ochoa, Martín Altomaro, Juan Manuel Bernal
    2000 \ 120 min \ Rating TBC
    Ana (Aitana Sánchez-Gijón), a sophisticated smuggler of pre-Columbian art, teams up with Aurelia (Tiaré Scanda), a single mother who is more concerned with diapers than archaeology. As reluctant accomplices running away from both the law and outlaws, they travel from Mexico’s dusty northern border to the lush tropical landscape of Yucatán in the south while they unravel each other’s lies and motives.

    The Faces of the Moon
    (Las caras de la luna)
    FRI, 20 May, 8.45pm & FRI, 27 May, 8.45pm
    Director: Guita Schyfter
    Main Cast: Carola Reyna, Geraldine Chaplin, Ana Torrent, Carmen Montejo, Diana Bracho, Haydeé de Lev
    2001 \ 112 min \ M18 
    Five women from different countries are brought together in Mexico. They form part of the judging panel for Mexico City's 3rd Latin American Women's Film Festival. In six days full of drama and excitement, they share their experiences, dreams and hopes. They unscramble how the recent history of Latin America has impacted women and the society as a whole, as well as discover the personal stories of each other. Las caras de la luna is a film about women, love, loyalty, political commitment and life.
    Five Days Without Nora(5 días sin Nora)
    SUN, 22 May, 4pm & SAT, 28 May, 4pm
    Director: Mariana Chenillo
    Main Cast: Silvia Mariscal, Fernando Luján, Cecilia Suárez, Ari Brickman, Enrique Arreola, Verónica Langer
    2009 \ 100 min \ Rating TBC 
    Before dying, Nora (Silvia Mariscal) makes an elaborate plan for José (Fernando Luján), her ex-husband, who will have to manage her wake. However, the only flaw in the plan – a mysterious photo forgotten under the bed – leads to an unexpected outcome, showing that the greatest love stories hide in the smallest places.

    The Good Herbs
    (Las buenas hierbas)
    SUN, 22 May, 6pm & SAT, 28 May, 6 pm
    Director: María Novaro
    Main Cast: Úrsula Pruneda, Ofelia Medina, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Miriam Balderas
    2010 \ 120 min \ NC 16 
    Dalia’s (Úrsula Pruneda) life changes when she has to face the Alzheimer’s disease of her mother, Lala (Ofelia Medina), an ethno-botanist. This is a story of the chemistry of the brain, plants and human emotions; of the invisible bonds that unite the living with their dead and with Nature, which belongs to us all; and about the Mexican herbalist heritage that reveal which plants can help cure the soul.

    The Prize
    (El premio)
    MON, 23 May, 7pm & SUN, 29 May, 4pm
    Director: Paula Markovitch
    Main Cast: Paula Galinelli Hertzog, Sharon Herrera, Laura Agorreca, Viviana Suraniti, Uriel Iasillo
    2011 \ 120 min \ Rating TBC 
    Under the cloud of a military dictatorship, a young mother Lucía (Laura Agorreca) and her daughter Cecilia (Paula Galinelli Hertzog) flee Buenos Aires for the seclusion of a ramshackle cottage along the windy dunes of an Argentine beach. As her mother listens for news from the radio with sad stoicism, restlessly curious seven-year-old Cecilia joins a nearby school overseen by a kindly teacher. A childhood idyll, however, soon becomes contaminated by the general political crisis, in this captivating drama on innocence in illicit times.

    Expiration Date
    (Fecha de caducidad)
    TUE, 24 May, 7pm & SAT, 28 May, 8.30pm
    Director: Kenya Márquez
    Main Cast: Ana Ofelia Murguía, Damián Alcázar, Marisol Centeno, Martha Aura, Eduardo España, Jorge Zárate
    2011 \ 110 min \ PG13 
    Ramona (Ana Ofelia Murguía), a devoted, obsessive-compulsive mother, suffers terribly when her only son, Osvaldo (Eduardo España), disappears. Ramona is convinced that the handy-man Genaro (Damián Alcázar) is responsible for Osvaldo’s disappearance. The desperate search for her son leads to a fatal outcome.

    The Amazing Catfish
    Los insólitos peces gato
    WED, 25 May, 7pm & SUN, 29 May, 6.30 pm
    Director: Claudia Sainte-Luce
    Main Cast: Ximena Ayala, Lisa Owen, Sonia Franco, Wendy Guillén, Andrea Baeza
    2013 \ 91 min \ Rating TBC 
    Claudia (Ximena Ayala), an ill mother of four with an endless lust for life, meets Martha (Lisa Owen) in a hospital. Without a plan, Claudia takes up Martha’s offer to follow her home and ends up becoming a part of her family.

    Tuesday, April 12, 2016

    Anti Drug Campaign Abuse 2016: Escape Game

    Presenting to you
    Anti Drug Campaign Abuse 2016 - Addictive Escaping is hard; What choice do you make?
    Will you let addiction consume you?

    For this year, it is presented in an escape Game format.
    Where one is set in the environment where dangers and perils of drug consumption is lurking everywhere, here you experience the hallucination effect of drub abusers as you attempt to escape from the clutches / temptation of drugs.

    Oh This is for post secondary students Ages 17 to 25 years old
    Venue: Suntec convention Hall 405 & 406 ,  Suntec City
    25th June 2016 (Saturday)
    click here
    [25th June] 10.00am
    [25th June] 11.45am
    [25th June] 1.30pm
    [25th June] 3.15pm
    [25th June] 5.00pm

    Then there are the public slots on 26th June 2016 (Sunday)
    Click here
    [26th June] 10.00am
    [26th June] 11.45am
    [26th June] 5.00pm

    Your life not just affects you!

    It affects everyone around you. Your family. Your friends. etc
    Don't let a one time off curiosity destroy your life.
    Its not worth it!

    Some info on the effects of drugs

    Cannabis (hash, weed, grass, skunk, marijuana)

    What is cannabis?

    Cannabis is a calming drug that also alters perceptions. It's seen as "natural" because it's made from the cannabis plant, but that doesn't mean it's safe. It can be smoked, often with tobacco, in a "joint" or "spliff", or in a pipe or "bong". It can also be drunk as a "tea" or eaten when mixed with food, such as biscuits or cakes.

    How does cannabis make you feel?

    Cannabis can make you feel relaxed and happy, but sometimes makes people feel lethargic, very anxious and paranoid, and even psychotic.

    How does cannabis affect your health?

    Cannabis has been linked to mental health problems such asschizophrenia and, when smoked, to lung diseases including asthma
    It affects how your brain works, so regular use can make concentration and learning very difficult. Frequent use can have a negative effect on your fertility.
    It is also dangerous to drive after taking cannabis. Mixing it with tobacco is likely to increase the risk of heart disease and lung cancer.

    Can cannabis be addictive?

    Yes, it is possible to become psychologically dependent on cannabis. And some people do experience withdrawal symptoms when they stop taking it. 

    Cocaine (powder cocaine, coke, crack)

    What is cocaine?

    Powder cocaine (coke), freebase and crack are all types of cocaine, and all are powerful stimulants. Freebase and crack can be smoked, and powder cocaine can be snorted in lines. Both cocaine powder and crack can also be prepared for injecting.

    How does cocaine make you feel?

    Cocaine gives the user energy, a feeling of happiness and being wide awake, and an overconfidence that can lead to taking risks. The effects are short-lived, so more drug is taken, which is often followed by a nasty "comedown" that makes you feel depressed and unwell, sometimes for several days.

    How does cocaine affect your health?

    If you take cocaine, it's possible to die of an overdose from overstimulating the heart and nervous system, which can lead to aheart attack. It can be more risky if mixed with alcohol.
    Taking cocaine is particularly risky if you have high blood pressure or already have a heart condition. If you're pregnant, cocaine can harm your baby and even cause miscarriage. If you've had previous mental health problems, it can increase the chance of these returning.
    If you snort cocaine, it can damage the cartilage of your nose over time. If you inject it, you are at higher risk of dying as the result of an overdose, and your veins and body tissues can be seriously damaged. You put yourself at risk of catching HIV or hepatitis if you share needles.

    Can cocaine be addictive?

    Yes, cocaine is highly addictive and can cause a very strong psychological dependence. 

    Mephedrone (meow meow, m-cat, bubble, meph)

    What is mephedrone?

    Mephedrone is a strong amphetamine-like stimulant with some effects similar to ecstasy. It was once available to buy on the internet as a "legal" alternative to drugs such as speed or ecstasy.
    Mephedrone, and other drugs like it, are now Class B drugs that are illegal to possess or supply to others. It is a fine white or off-white powder that is usually snorted or swallowed wrapped in paper. It's also sometimes injected.

    How does mephedrone make you feel?

    Mephedrone can make you feel awake, confident and happy. But it can also make you feel paranoid and anxious. It causes vomiting and headaches in some users.

    How does mephedrone affect your health?

    Mephedrone can overstimulate your heart and nervous system. It can cause periods of insomnia, and its use can lead to fits and agitated andhallucinatory states. It has been identified as the cause of a number of deaths.

    Ecstasy (MDMA, pills, crystal, E)

    What is ecstasy?

    Ecstasy is a "psychedelic" stimulant drug usually sold as tablets, but it's sometimes dabbed on to gums or snorted in its powder form. It's also known as MDMA or "crystal".

    How does ecstasy make you feel?

    Ecstasy can make you feel alert, affectionate and chatty, and can make music and colours seem more intense. Taking ecstasy can also cause anxiety, confusion, paranoia and even psychosis.

    How does ecstasy affect your health?

    Long-term use has been linked with memory problems, depression and anxiety. Ecstasy use affects the body's temperature control and can lead to dangerous overheating and dehydration.
    But a balance is important as drinking too much fluid can also be very dangerous for the brain, particularly because ecstasy tends to stop your body producing enough urine, so your body retains the fluid. 

    Is ecstasy addictive?

    Ecstasy can be addictive, as users can develop a psychological dependence on this drug. It is also possible to build up a tolerance to the drug and need to take more and more to get the same effect.

    Speed (amphetamine, billy, whizz)

    What is speed?

    Speed is the street name for drugs based on amphetamine, and is a stimulant drug. It's usually an off-white or pink powder that's either dabbed on to gums, snorted or swallowed in paper.

    How does speed make you feel?

    Speed can make you feel alert, confident and full of energy, and can reduce appetite. But it can make you agitated and aggressive, and can cause confusion, paranoia and even psychosis. You can also become very depressed and lethargic for hours or days after a period of heavy use.  

    How does speed affect your health?

    Taking speed can be dangerous for the heart, as it can cause high blood pressure and heart attacks. It can be more risky if mixed with alcohol, or if it's used by people who have blood pressure or heart problems.
    Injecting speed is particularly dangerous, as death can occur from overdose. Speed is usually very impure and injecting it can cause damage to veins and tissues, which can also lead to serious infections in the body and bloodstream. Any sharing of injecting equipment adds the risk of catching hepatitis C and HIV.

    For enquiries please contact:
    or 6659 2002
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