Monday, December 20, 2010

Social Enterprises - Giving back to the community

Been away for 2 weeks already. Will update more on my trips to Thailand and China this weekend.

Recently came across a few social enterprises which I would like to emulate.
Really inspiring to see how there are people on care who not just talks about it but creates a project and reach out proactively to help the needy people in the world.
Reminded me my promise to myself to make a difference in the world - and where I have been thinking of it for years - but other than volunteering - have not done more than that.
2 years back, when I entered the working world, I told myself that all the blessings God has given me I want to bless back to the community and at the same time, develop in my working place - the selfish giving and volunteering attitude, create a project to use what I have learnt in the work place for the less fortunate, and build a community like that in the business. Thoughts and ideas fill my booklets, yet I have not moved forward with the plans. Time to do so - and all these following people are my inspiration and models to follow from.


Project Selfless Shoe
Effort: Shoes for needy and poor children locally and overseas
(They sell their shoes and take a portion for donation to the children)
More on the Selfless Shoes story => ....

Chinatown Social Enterprise
Efforts: Provide opportunities for elderly and training for those who needs jobs.

Effort: Save the earth - one hanger at a time : replaced plastic hangers with its recycled and 100% biodegradable paper board and cardboard eco-hangers.
(By putting advertisements on it as well, the cost is distributed)
More on the Bloomerang story => ....

Attached here is a blog that shares on some of the expeditions and projects that are held to raise funds for charities.


YES -Youth Engagement Services
Efforts: Train youths to lead service projects and micro social enterprises -reintegrate youths back into the society

Its a breeze
Efforts: Helps her clients identify everything in their homes they no longer use, then donates these items to charities that desperately need them.- Residential relocation

Efforts: Help recovering drug addicts who are homeless

And also meaningful inventions! :)
Efforts: Use car parts to make incubators for babies in developing countries - easy to repair, cheaper to make.

Time to do something about it.

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