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GYSB: Get Your Sexy Back 2011

Hello everyone!
Guess what I did last Friday on 25th March 2011?
Thanks to OMY.SG - I got invited to the GYSB Bloggers' Party at Tiger Brewery @ 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim.

Get Your Sexy Back (GYSB) is Singapore’s first youth-led programme to encourage responsible drinking among young adults, and to spread the message that while partying is perfectly cool, binge-drinking is not!
As they put it
" Its not the drinking. Its how you are drinking. Moderation is the new sexy.Drink responsibly."

Drinking has been part of our life nowadays - for entertainment, for business - well practically most of the time. Well, here's the thing... you can party all you like, but when it comes to gulping down alcoholic drinks, do you know when to stop? It seems not many knows how to. Especially when many alcohol types do not get to your system till its too late......

Together with Asia Pacific Breweries (APB), "GET YOUR SEXY BACK! "

Making it ever real, APB started out the event by letting us try on the 'drinking googles' - no it does not make you be able to drink more - it has the effect of making you feel like you are drunk. I was truly dizzy - and walking in a straight line was not possible.

Mint trying it out

Yongwei trying it out

Me - not even being able to stand up

Then we jumped to the Cheers Challenge Bloggers Contest -
Score high for a chance to win a Dream Holiday, an Apple iPad or a Sony Cybershot. Instructions: All you have to do is point your mouse (which represents your ‘Cheers mug’) to the correct person pin and left click to toast and earn points. Toast to the wrong person and lose a mug. You have 5 mugs to complete the Cheers Challenge game. Become the top regional scorer for the week and win a Sony Cybershot camera. Get the highest regional score of the month and take home an Apple iPad. Score the highest in your country for the month and you qualify to be flown to Singapore for The Cheers Challenge Championship to compete against other top scorers for the grand prize of a Dream Holiday!
So we began throughout the night - trying to get a chance in winning either of the prizes - Sony Cybershot, iPads, and a dream holiday for 2 ! Amazing right? Don't worry. Its not just us. Its open to the public!

Here's some special hints for high scoring! - The characters to toast !

Betty – YES! Toast and earn +10 points
Dina – YES! Toast and earn +15 points
Tim & Tina – YES! Toast and earn +20 points
Eric – MAYBE! Toast only when not holding a barbell and earn +20 points else you’ll lose a mug
Oscar – MAYBE! Toast only when tie is removed and earn +20 points else you’ll lose a mug
Derek – NO! Toast and you lose a mug
Sally – NO! Toast and you lose a mug
Monica – NO! Toast and you lose a mug
Tony – NO! Toast and you lose a mug
Duncan- NO! Toast and you lose a mug

I was shouting " No!No!No!" each time I accidently hit the wrong ones. Such an exciting game. After a while Stage 2 is where the speed gets faster and faster and Stage 3 where icons with small differences appear! Such as ones holding a dumbbell and one without, one with a tie and one without - my eyes were gettin blurry. But its fun! - Personally I also like the questions that taught me how food helps to slow the intake of alcohol into your body system , how drinking more water can help etc etc...

(This promotion is open to all Singaporeans, permanent residents, and holders of valid employment passes or work permits, except employees of Asia Pacific Breweries (Singapore) Pte Ltd (“APBS”), its associated agencies, advertising agencies, dealers, distributors, vendors, participating outlets, promoters and their relatives are not eligible to participate in this programme)

After rounds of the game ( I am so amazed how tech-savy it is!)
Made my tour around APB
What greeted my eyes:

Its never-ending entrance of display

The wonderful bar and decoration

Oh before I forget.
For fellow Bloggers! There's more for you!

Round 1
- Play the GYSB Facebook Cheers Challenge Game and try to get as high a score as you can!
- Blog about Cheers Challenge and your experience with the game.
Once your post has been completed, please post the blog post URL on the GYSB Facebook page:

After you have posted the details on the Facebook page, please also email the below details to

*Important note: Only blogs posted to GYSB.SG will qualify. This email to us is to ensure that APB can contact you if you win. Please do not post your contact details on the Facebook page!

Details to submit via email to by 1 May:
Full Name
Link to Blog entry
Top 5 entries submitted for Round 1 will receive S$100 vouchers each, while the top 10 entries will be selected to join the Bloggers' Challange Finals.

Final Round (happening in June):
Top 10 Bloggers from Round 1 will also be selected to take part in the "Bloggers' Challenge Finals", where you will play the Cheers Challenge game "Live" at Cathay Cineplex.

For the Bloggers Challenge Finals, the following prizes will be awarded:
1st prize - S$300 vouchers
2nd prize - S$200 vouchers
3rd prize - S$100 vouchers

During the Finals, you will also get to meet the regional champions of the GYSB Cheers Challenge as they face off in the regional Cheers Challenge Championship!

Exciting ain't it? I'm excited!

Contest Details:
This contest shall run from 25th March to 1st May 2011. So start racking your brains and enjoy the game!

Last but not least, Thank you and APB for the special goodie bag :)

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