Friday, September 23, 2011

Prawning at night

Such a fun night yesterday my first time at prawning @punggol. Just follow the road of punggol east beside riveria lrt.

We managed to catch a prawn after some time. Boy does it take patience. So first you rent a rod and you measure the height of the water so the bait does not touch the ground and ut is dangling for the prawn to eat the bait. Then you look at the following ball in the water connected to your rod; once it goes under the water it means the prawn has taken the bait then you put your rod parallel to the water then pull.

Next to the prawning was the fishing so interesting! Seems very fun though. Once you catch the fish you need to pat the fish let it relax then jerk it outbid the water. Because if it struggles it might break your line.

Very fun I am going back there soon! Hahahaha

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