Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Marriage @ zoo

Miss me? ~ Been busy during the Christmas period with all the weddings.

Today I am sharing one of the unique weddings I went @ Zoological Gardens.

Arriving at the zoo, there were trams picking us up to the venue - zooming pass the animals was like a childhood memory.

Being one of the helpers, we adorned animal hats together with the zoo committee who were in charge of the wedding flow. I wore the white lion and my friend wore the panda.
As we settled down the guests and the solemnizer -
My friend and his beautiful wife arrived in regal splendour atop a maharaja-styled elephant as guests look on adoringly. Looked like a prince and princess coming down the elephant!

And we could feed the elephants after. The kids and old people were delighted. fed them mangoes, apples , water melons and honey dew.

They were suppose to engage graceful horses in a classic white Victorian wedding, complete with a horse carriage wedding but the horse was injured.
Imagine how nice it would have been too!

For a memorable moment that will be toasted for years to come, the ring bearer was a charming miniature falabella.

And I heard you can also take pictures amid a flurry of butterflies. Favorite!

Dinner was in an air-conditioned comfort at Forest Lodge.

Accompanying us home was the lovely cute animal soft toys.

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