Sunday, March 18, 2012

Make It Right For A Better Ride!

First and foremost, having traveled to so many different countries and experience their transport system, Singapore transport system is the BEST.
You can go anywhere and everywhere at such efficient speed.
You can identify the stations because it has all 4 languages for it on the transport map.
You can chill and relax in the train without any fear of safety. ( No / nearly No pick-pocketing, snatch, Theft )
You can feel the coolness in the air once you enter. (I still remember my experience in India where their trains are without air-con and people are body to body, nearly mouth to mouth)
You can afford the fare. ( I still remember paying close to $3 for just 2 stops in Japan)
You have alternative transport provided during breakdowns or delays. ( In other countries, you have to settle it on your own. Taxi or whatsoever. No help! So why not say " thank you" rather than keep complaining how alternative transport so slow etc)
Ask around to all the tourist and you will often get praises for it. So why do we still complain and how can we make it better?

Sights that caught my eye recently and make me think deeply of our current generation including myself
People 'sleeping' or ' playing their games' while sitting in the spot for elderly and pregnant
" Get up young men/ women - I also mean middle-aged! Can't you see that frail looking elderly standing there. With their wrinkled hands holding onto the bar, and their legs probably tired from slight walking? OR that pregnant lady trying to balance herself ? Give up your seat pleaseeeeee!"
People rushing in ( even when there is a lady with her pram trying to go in)
" Stop pushing! Let the lady in first! Goodness me!"

People not queuing and cutting in the center when the train comes
" Can't you see the queue? No wonder we have to draw arrows on the ground. Its for people like you who do not know manners."

A kind deed goes a long way. Giving up your seat. Letting people go first. Give support to a person when he /she loses his balance in the train. Tell a tourist the right direction to go to his/her destination. Give a smile to someone.

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