Sunday, May 12, 2013

Celebrated Mother's Day at The Cajun Kings

I guess the whole Singapore was out dining for mother's day - so was my family. My brother booked us at the restaurant "the cajun kings" at 15-1 jalan riang

Hurray: There is free valet parking.

With all the reviews- good and bad - I Was just wondering the speciality of the place.

Putting on our aprons, the food came and we 'charged' -

Appetizer -
1. Frog Legs
2. Garlic Fries
3. Calamari
4. Pork Belly

Sadly, as it's mostly fried - it was a little jirlat after a while.
But I loved the garlic fries. Was pouring the remaining garlic bits into my mouth.

So when the cajun and garlic sauce seafood bags came! Excitement!


Not really a fan of seafood due to allergy if I ate too much of it, I really like the fact that hot dogs were in it mixed with the Cajun sauce.
My parents commented that the seafood was very fresh! And my brothers slurped the seafood with its saucing. Seeing them licking every single one of their fingers, indeed made the food feel so much more delicious!

And I must share something that I really really like - and it's the earl grey ice cream with macaroon cover that was totally my cup of tea! Delicious!Not very sweet and the earl grey leaves a very refreshing feeling in the mouth.

As for the environment, My parents enjoyed the uniqueness of the place - and I like the cosyness of it. Good place to chill.

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