Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Kingdom' - Sophomore Recording Project by Alarice

I'm so glad someone took the opportunity to invite me to come for the album "The Kingdom" review session by Alarice.


I was totally blessed. In the presence of the Lord during the worship session. In reminder that the Lord is indeed so wonderful and so awesome. And touched by the fact that some people truly live for the Lord and to carry his cross in obedience. (Its so easy to say but yet when we have responsibilities and dreams, how hard it is to lay it all down and say O lord I'll follow you)

Her songs foundation was on this verse.

And I'm in love with her songs. Will definitely get the album once its appears on the market.
Specially for one of the song. Which goes... "Love is patient. Love is kind...." - I nearly cried at that moment. And I'm not the only one.

Such heart. Such voice.

In prayer. In unison. Believing and trusting in the lord for his providence.

But all these still requires funding. So here's how we can all contribute in helping to make this album come to fruition.

1. Go to
2. Type Alarice Music
3.  This one will appear 'The Kingdom' - Sophomore Recording Project by Alarice"
4. Click on "Contribute now" - Contribute with or without the perk :)

Blessed babe! :)

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