Wednesday, August 27, 2014

More startup Apps. The ideas are just OMG!

I just had to spend some time off work and share this!

The new apps are just duber cool.


here's what great about it
Everyone needs feedback on their slides and knowing what the consumers think about the products and on the spot truthful comments are the best. (would be great if it has a confidentiality box that can be ticked) Contains results about feelings, suggestions and more.
Simple to Act - also consisting of Cloud Mic
here's what great about it
For cloud Mic
Its in your phone. And it can be used anywhere and everywhere. And you just have to log on to the app, get the code on and you have a wireless mike!
For Simple to Act, it adds on where people can ask questions on the spot and the speaker can answer. Good for Shy Singaporeans.

Virtual Bag Events
here's what great about it
Its truly an environment saving tool. - Save Paper and also wastages.
Its true what they say there are some items which I just thrown away. (would be great if it can be forwarded to others though so they can use it)
And its true that some people like actual things. I do. And I hope they don't make me have to go to the company office to collect it.

here's what great about it
Allows one to have an immediate update on the list of visitors. ( probably weddings would soon use this. Effective to see leftover space as well)
There were also some others mention. But I've seen similar before.

- Its like us using hashtag to link it to a collate instagram album but the problem where we cannot print the pictures out. But I know some companies has allowed photos to be printed immediately by hash tagging. So... I don't how much extra this will help.

-This is a great idea. But I find it similar to wechat scan barcode function for company site. The only better thing is for the person's info to be detected directly for contact.

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