Wednesday, September 17, 2014

IDEA Village - this should also happen in Singapore :) more often :)

Came cross this interesting platform - that happens in New Orleans
Always believe that entrepreneurs or business leaders has a gift - to see the problems and make the impossible possible - either by technology, ideas, funding etc
And Singapore being a small country needs these people.

IDEA Village
Nice taglines
: A community who entrepreneurs and those who believe in them

Founded in 2000, The Idea Village is an independent 501c3 nonprofit organization with a mission to identify, support, and retain entrepreneurial talent in New Orleans.

By 2018, the city's 300th birthday, New Orleans will have a self-sustaining ecosystem that attracts, supports, and retains entrepreneurial talent.

How it all happened
Discouraged, Williamson and four other dot-com entrepreneurs — all of whom had left New Orleans but returned — met at a bar to discuss the city’s problems over drinks.
The problem, as they saw it, was with the city’s leadership; start from the top and you could naturally begin to improve the education, crime and corruption issues. The solution, they agreed, was to find a new generation of entrepreneurial pioneers who were open to new ideas that could bring the city forward.
“It became clear to us that there needed to be a network here that could bring together businesses, universities and government in a way that made New Orleans a world-class city for entrepreneurship, a place that identified and supported entrepreneurs and kept them here

10 ventures for its start-up course:
  • BeneFit - BeneFit is an engagement platform that encourages healthy behaviors by allowing individuals to earn self-selected rewards when they track their exercise routine using smartphone applications and fitness bands. 
  • Founders: Andrew Ryan, Chris Scoville, Gerard Cox and Ryan Linstrom.
  • Gustofy LLC - Gustofy will be a dynamic and interactive web-based platform designed to empower commodity shippers with the information and tools to make smart decisions about transporting and handling their freight. With New Orleans being connected to over 12,000 miles of navigable U.S. inland waterways, I am proud to start a company that will support and inspire its growth right here in the "Big Easy". 
  • Founder: Josie Guste.
  • - powers the discovery of products and brands and that are in-stock at local retailers in your community. Our platform enhances the brand experience for consumers and supports local economies.
  • Founders: Blake Haney, Ben Hirsch and Mike Massey.
  • myMix Nutrition - myMix Nutrition is the first ever e-commerce platform geared towards providing individuals and organizations with the ability to customize their own ready-to-mix dietary supplement. Customers can draw from array of the highest quality ingredients via an educational and transparent buying platform that is built on integrity.
  • Founders: Crutcher Reiss and Sarah Kirkwood Reiss.
  • The Remedy Room - The Remedy Room is a boutique infusion clinic that provides innovative wellness and medical services to address dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, metabolic issues, detox, and fatigue. With over 50 years of cumulative medical experience, The Remedy Room promotes a sustainable, healthy lifestyle, and provides customized solutions for your specific needs all in a comfortable modern setting..
  •  Founder: Mignonne C. Mary.
  • Vaykay by App Krewe, LLC - Vaykay is a AppExchange application that takes the hassle out of managing your employees' vacation and sick time off. Replace your company's time off spreadsheets, paper forms, and expensive software with an integrated, fully automated cloud application.. 
  • Founder: Justin Zimmerman.
  • Wedocracy, LLC - Wedocracy solves the problem of wedding planning stress for everyone involved. Built by an engaged couple during their engagement, Wedocracy brings fun back to weddings by giving couples & their guests a social network to collaborate, communicate, socialize and network privately. It’s Facebook + Basecamp, for weddings.
  • Founders: Uchechi Kalu Jacobson and Peter Jacobson.
  • Welcome to College - Welcome to College helps higher education institutions ignite clarity, passion, and purpose into their campus visit experiences. Through online, mobile and in-person coaching programs, we are redefining college fit using the latest research on adolescent well-being and happiness, helping colleges create meaningful connections with prospective students.
  • Founder: Justin Bayer.
  • - Where Y’Art is a catalyst for local art communities. It is a community resource for lovers of art to discover the next generation of New Orleans artists and helping those artists turn their passion into is an online gallery with a curated selection of artwork ranging from painting and jewelry to furniture. It is a social shopping network where you can discover, follow, and shop directly from local artists. 
  • Founders: Catherine Todd and Collin Ferguson.
  • The Wild Life Reserve - The Wild Life Reserve is a brand consulting/management concept that protects style, brands and manufacturing, the three key elements needed to grow the fashion industry. They do this by working with designers, taking them from "dirt to shirt" through education and awareness. 
  • Founders: Michaiah Bethune and Tabitha Bethune.

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