Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Startingup 2014 in Singapore

Made my way to IDEASINC Startup 2014 at Scape (Our Youth Identity) in Orchard.
Started out with much delays.
But surprisingly everyone was very patient. 

And it finally started. With the introduction of the winners of ideainc 2014
some which I had already heard about a month back at another startup conference.
Well, more or less only understood the purpose of tech society.
The rest - was lost in what they were trying to present and couldn't see the uniqueness in the product.
My personal take.

Cash Award of SGD10k each:
The Most Innovative Start-up: Airfrov & Cut Off Point jointly awarded
The Most Socially Responsible Start-up: SDI Academy

Venture awards of SGD100k each:
Spaze Ventures Award: Cash Tap
Go-Vin Ventures Award: Cut Off Point
Tenshi Peak Venture award: Syrup
Cytal Horse Venture Award: Airfrov
3 Incubation Award from Invention Capital: Airfrov, Cash Tap & tradeStack
2 Special Investment Award from Invention Capital : Cut Off Point & Novelsys

The best part of this startup conference was Fred

Fred Then lectured and coached over 2,000 start-ups and companies with a 100% success rate getting start-up teams into the finals of local and overseas competition. He also coaches also successful business owners and executives for higher performance. Fred is the Founder of ThinkSolutions and a Singapore based entrepreneur, business coach and author.Fred created the Effective Persuasion (EP) Method which blends the latest scientific findings to help start-ups and executives be highly persuade, without selling. His has also developed entrepreneurship programs which were used in Nanyang Technological University of Singapore (NTU), Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD), Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

I felt so sorry for not having a photo of him up here on my blog. But he was such a fascinating speaker I just had time to take down notes of what he was talking about and my revelations. 

And we also had Jenn Lim who reminded us about happiness and finding one's goal in life.
Summarized in the photos as extended below :)

I'm surprised by the queue of public support for this event. I guess it means many Singaporeans still have the hope of setting up their own one day. Or maybe it's because of the famous zappos speaker which provided me great and new insights on happiness. Or maybe the previous speaker (who was fantastic) providing me insights on managing people.

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