Friday, November 7, 2014

Korean Tapas Bar in the quaint heartland of Serangoon Gardens

Thankful for the invite by Fellow blogger Jessie for the opening of the first-ever Korean Tapas Bar in the quaint heartland of Serangoon Gardens by SYNC.

SYNC Korean Tapas Bar
12 Maju Avenue, Serangoon Garden Estate
3pm to 11pm (Sun to Thurs), 3pm to 12am (Fri, Sat, PH and eve of PH)
+65 6282 0612

Being a Northerner, I always have to go all the way to Thomson Road (which is always so crowdwd) for Korean Food. So I guess here's a place where I can satisfy my cravings.

The modern Korean-themed tapas there costs either $9.90 and $10.90 per portion but you can get their sets:
★ 2x$9.90 + 2x$10.90 for $29.90
★ 3x$9.90 + 3x$10.90 for $49.90

First up, Soju Mojito.
Personally found it strong but very refreshing to the stomach.*Pls do not drink it on an empty stomach though.

Get the delicious addictive plate of seaweed sprinkled hand made chips (Crackling) to start your meal.Very good for snacking. Think they should put less oil though haha.


After a few minutes of chattering, the stomach is ready for the food.

Kimchi which I felt should be chilled more because it had a bitter after taste.
And really, whenever I eat kimchi, I like it cut in front of me. Just feels more authentic.
And if it is taken out directly from the kimchi tub from the fridge, just creates a "ooo" imagery.

The Samgyupsal pork belly salad. I like the lightness of the seasoning. Very good starter.

Sogogi Jowl which is like beef sandwiched in mint leaf and garlic garnish.
My friend found it a little too tough but for me I like the way it was , juicy yet chewy.
Only minus part, the flavoring was lacking.
[Maybe its my strong Chinese tasting buds needing more sauce in everything.  
Something my bro who cooks always frowns upon in distaste.]

My Favorite dish of the day!Dak-KangJung
I couldn't count how many pieces I popped into my mouth.
And this suited 'strong taste buds' like mine - the sweetness was a "there should be a less sauce " for some but for me, it was perfect. Crispy and sweet. Love!
Too bad its fried and it made me feel a little guilty after.

And with some craving for staples, I think this was a good to share dish. It tastes like Paella with lots for chicken/pork pieces.
Felt that the kimchi taste was a little missing though. Maybe they should sprinkle the kimchi on it after the dish is made. (just a suggestion)

 And of course Ssam, which was yummy. Its like pork ribs. Though a little fatty, I like the mix of sauce.. Though I don't see how this is korean. haha.... specially with the Pau.

And this Mandu. Ermm. A nono for me sadly.
When it came to me, it was cold and hard. And the mince meat inside held no uniqueness.

After the Mandu, I was craving for something great to re-light my buds. And the dessert did justice to it. I love these 2 dishes of desserts.

Red bean fried pancake with caramel banana? What else do I need to say.

And different wheats' lava flowing with strawberries.
My kind of thing.

Dear friends, new place to hang out the next time we meet.
Near my place :)

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