Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Project Give - A day out with the special needs and their families

Just last week, made my way down to Project Give event-  A project started by a mother with also a special needs child. Her mission is to pay it forward after being blessed with tons of kindness they received while taking care of her special child, esp frm staff of KKH hospital. Quote : "when you are so filled with gratitude, all you want to do is GIVE".

And Though heart prepared, my day completed feeling an overwhelming sense of sadness yet hope and thankfulness for parents like them.

Their children.
Feeding through the stomach because they are unable to swallow due to weak muscles

And for many not being able to sit up and some breathe on their own due to the phlegm stuck in their throat. If I'm not wrong, it called a tracheostomy - a breathing tube inserted in the throat, to help them breathe.


For some children, it was possibly easier to accept if it was known from the start. 
But for some parents, it happened in split seconds where the few seconds of oxygen deprive moments when the child is born, led to the current situation. 
And for one that I met, which was probably the most heart broken, was a continuously fever at Age of 7, caused a once active child fall into the current state.

Living in the "if only" 

And for these children, all their parents or them ever wanted, was just to be normal. To be able to eat on their own. To be able to move. To be able to go to school. The normal things we all take for granted. 

And for the children, where hospital have become their 2nd home, and needles becomes daily occurrence to them
Once again, my prayers go out to them.

And to my readers, take some time to hug your child and say I love you as you are. And thank God for keeping them healthy.

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