Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Random rant

Its been a number of years since I started blogging and to me, its about recording my escapades and the causes I believe in. I don't write well. And sometimes I wonder is it because I don't spend enough time doing so. Or ?

What do I want to see in my blog that's important to me?

1. My views
2. People realizing whats' happening in the world
3. Sharing the good and the bad - food, events (most importantly experiences)

Random thoughts that I wanted to pen down.
As age catches up with me, and many new entries of bloggers with eloquent writing, I decided to remind myself of the purpose of this blog.

Thankful for the many years of invitations to events that I never would have gone if not being invited, dressing up as cartoon characters for movie screening, Designing jeans and shoes for a certain brand and many more.

To my readers, love yourself so others can love you too :)

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