Thursday, October 15, 2015

Movie review - The good Lie - Whay will these lost sudan boys remind you of ?

Just had to write on this amazing and heart wrenching movie that I watched recently on the flight!
My eyes were puffy from the crying when I got off the plane.

The film is a masterpiece. The storyline and scenery, the cast and everything about the film is just wonderful.
It slowly guides you through the emotional state of the characters and gives you time to reflect. 

Here's the summary
Five Sudanese children were orphaned after their village is massacred in the Second Sudanese Civil War. They were then made to go on the arduous and dangerous trek through the plains in order to reach a refugee camp in Ethiopia. 
Along the way one of the boys asked the eldest brother (also known as the chief) to let them rest as they have been walking for many days without rest. A costly mistake as in the morning, he was noticed by their pursuers and his  'chief' took the rap (while keeping the rest of them hidden) and went back with the pursuers. The remaining 4 of them continued their way to the refugee camp. They finally make it there however 1 of them died due to illness. 

They lived many years in the refugee camps (and my heart pained from seeing how many of were hoping and waiting for a new life in America, just like the recent Europe-Sudan-Syria crisis - where they all had one hope which was for a better life in another country - that hope. ... And in this show, the camp seemed well - allowing the character to be able to learn the skills of being an assistant ' doctor' , in having sufficient food, in having friends, but I'm sure not all refugee camp have such amenities and might not even have sufficient food, and the females having to fight off 'predators'  - all the scary scenarios you see written in the newspapers and social media)
Many Years later , these 3 youths were among 3600 selected for resettlement in America, only to have the one girl among them sent to Boston, while the three boys must to make a new life in Kansas City. 

(Yes the bags are the only belongings that have - reminded me of how much we have yet we always say there is not enough. Its all about expectations. But the current generation lament whenever I tell them we have so much already - why do you compare us with the third world when we are already in first world - what I'm saying is to be thankful. It doesn't mean being in first world means you are entitled to more. The foundation of whats important is still the same - employment, food, family etc)

Together, these young men must adjust to an alien culture even as the emotional baggage of their past haunts them. 

(Food wasting scene at the supermarket tugged at my heart and reminded me indeed how wasteful I am in a developed countries where we usually won't touch food beyond expiry date while in the other needy countries, food is food. Peel off the moldy parts and eat the good parts. Even if it has been a trash, as long as its edible its good)

 However, these newcomers, and their new friends like employment counselor Carrie Davis, strive to understand each other in this new home, as they make peace with their histories in a challenge that will change all their lives.

(Reunion with their sister and brother reminded us indeed how family is the foundation of everything. The deepest love of all. )

(Comparison of the life when he returned back to the refugee camp many years later to search for his brother - with that of his peers who till date have not made it out )

(while sourcing for a job, also reminded me that those who need help, probably it isn't to make them fit into the job, but to check out their strengths and love then to match the jobs to it, so they are internally motivated to keep themselves in the job rather than others having to keep an eye on them to make sure they are still in the job)

Now while living in comfort, we are going back in times looking for the basic foundations -to care for others, to show gratitude, kindness - the values which have been lost in the times where we were taught to live for ourselves. And this movie reminded me of how much more we should be thankful for. 

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