Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introducing SSEAYP 2016 (Ship for Southeast Asia and Japanese Youth Programme)

Yes I am back as promised.
To share on this expedition I am going for this year.

For me, the reason I joined was that I had interest in hearing from different countries' on their viewpoints on issues in their countries - their perspective, their solution, their culture etc

I have traveled,worked and stayed in various countries and am always amazed by how much I get to learn - and it also teaches me to be thankful for what I have but at the same time, realize there is much more I can do for my own homeland.



Bringing together more than 300 youths from ASEAN countries and Japan, the  Ship for Southeast Asian and Japanese Youth Programme (SSEAYP) provides youths with the unique opportunity to live together on board the Nippon Maru Ship for over 50 days. SSEAYP is an annual programme sponsored and Organised by the Cabinet Office of Japan and supported by the governments of Southeast Asia ASEAN. 

SSEAYP began in January 1974 after Joint Statements were issued between Japan and five ASEAN countries - Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. They were joined by Brunei Darussalam in 1985, followed by Vietnam in 1996. Both Laos and Myanmar came on board in 1998, with Cambodia as the latest newcomer in 2000. Apart from broadening youths’ international outlook, SSEAYP also fosters friendship and greater understanding among youths from Japan and ASEAN.  

Through SSEAYP, participating youths have the opportunity for international exposure and leadership development as they play a significant role as youth ambassadors for Singapore. The National Youth Council (NYC), Singapore’s national co-ordinating body for youth affairs, oversees the programme. 

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The journey promises participants with vibrant discussions on social and youth matters, eye-opening cultural exchanges and participation in sports, recreational and club activities. At each port of call, participants can look forward to interacting with the local youths, pay courtesy calls on dignitaries, visit local institutions, get involved in community service and experience a unique home stay programme.

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Applications are usually open from Feb to April,
Interviews follow up once application close.

Taking place from 25 October to 14 December 2016*, this year’s SSEAYP will visit four of the ten ASEAN countries (Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia)and Japan. Singapore will be sending a contingent of 28 youths and a National Leader to participate in SSEAYP 2016.
Discussion topics to name a few has education, social issues, international relations and more.
Here's the facebook page for this year SSEAYP 2016 - 43rd batch

Here's a  blog that provides you an idea of the stories on board
And another from another participant
And another

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Note: The commitment level however is no joke
But I hope the experience will be worth it all. Will share again when I'm back.

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