Monday, February 3, 2020

Citizen Journalism - What does it mean?

As I applied for a workshop on citizen journalism, i asked myself what does it mean? Isn't it a role that everyone should play. It could be in really daily communications where one hears fake news and helps others to reflect and think of the possibility that it could be incorrect by providing relevant news or hotlines for confirmation. It could be sharing of correct news substantiated by validated sources. It could be voicing alternative opinions on an issue. hence encouraging others too to question their beliefs logically and not haphazardly.

What then are the issues we hold closely to our hearts?
For some it could be environment.
For some it could be public policy.
For some it could be human rights.
For some it could be our day to day social issues.

Then I wonder. Is it right if I only focus on the issues I hold dearly to my heart? Or is it because I am not exposed to the other issues and hence is oblivious to the issues surrounding it? Is it hence my responsibility to be aware of whats happening all around the world and not be myopic and only concentrating on what I understand from a day to day basis? How then can we translate that awareness and link it so we can internalize the impact of needing to be aware?

What are the ways it can be done?
Talks. Focus Groups.
Youtube channel
Writing articles
Not among ourselves. But of the opinion from different generations and different countries - how do we promote the friendship and also mutual understanding?

It just boils down to a conclusion
Be Heard
Be Out There
Do it

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