Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Pulling the unemployed back to the society

Started a social enterprise recently called Hold my hands where it assists to help those who are unemployed to become semi employed or at least do something to upkeep their skills. 
Many groups of people who are unemployed and have strong reliance on the governmental support and each has its own reasons for unemployment, then which group has the highest possibility to contribute back to the society

Unemployed for a long time by choice
I think this group is the one that many cannot understand. And frankly I could not understand too. But this COVID-19 has put in my mind another perspective. It all boils down to habit and past experiences. If one had a bad experience at work, and work is linked to a dread, how do we motivate a person to make an effort to go? And if in the long run, when one begins to realize he or she can survive still by not working, then why the need to make the effort. So unless we can change the memory of that past experience and link it to a personal motivation, no matter what one says, it does not matter. So how can we do that if they do not even want to go out and try anymore, we have to bring the experience to their comfort place. 

Special Needs
Awareness is key. This I touched on my other blog. 
Accepting them as they are and putting structures and a supportive system in place.

This is a grey area I understand for many people. And to know the nature of the crime is something that is very important to the hirers and more people are willing to accept those who commit for instance petty crimes. However for those with sexual offences, the risk to accept them is very high as there is a need for constant monitoring and also the need to protect their own staff. So my take is rather than put a blanket rejection against all convicts, do consider their background and take it case to case and give them a chance to turn over a new llife.

mothers or caregivers returning to the workforce
I think its encouraging that many companies are embracing the schemes by government either for the short term or flexi hours scheme for them. I think there is also a great need for the ad hoc or remote jobs that can be done by these mothers. 
Telesales. Selling of online products. Social Media. Man booths at community area where they can bring their kids or the elderly they are taking care of together. 

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