Sunday, January 23, 2011

SJ aka Super Junior Is coming to Singapore! ~!~

Super Junior’s Super Show 3 is coming to S’pore Their Concerts on 29-30 Jan 2011; Sat, 6.30pm Sun, 4pm - Its their first ever super show concert in Singapore!!!!!!!
To check out the pricing and the seating, CLICK HERE.

Here is a sneak preview of what you can anticipate. The Super Show in Seoul via Arirang World. (with english translations)

If you're not a Halluyu Fan!
Let me share with you a little about SJ!
They debut with SM Entertainment in 2005 ( In the same company as SNSD and Shinee and Boa and many more ). Super Junior has been touring various parts of the world and has been garnering lots of interest and hyping up the Halluyu waves.
I am sure no one can forget the "Sorry Sorry" that has dominated the world from young to old and even seen on marriage days where the bridegroom 'pals' are made to dance to the song.

Here it goes! "Sorry Sorry" - Has added the romanization for you to follow !

And of course, its not only that song only. The 2010 comeback song "Bonamana"미인아 has also been a great hit! In Chinese , according to my understanding, it means 美人啊 ! Very catchy tune !

And many many more songs.

I love Superjunior - for their funny characters, for their talents comprising of dancing and singing , for their attitude towards music and their imitations!

Some additions for enjoyment to SUJU members
- the dance battle 2 rounds- Very good choreography!

- The imitations of different songs.

Many Halluyu Fans have been waiting for this moment. SCREAMS! SUJU IS COMING TO SINGAPORE!
So now EVERYONE! Catching the highly-anticipated concert without having to travel out of the country is now possible. They will finally be holding their first ever one-night only Super Show 3 concert in Singapore next year as part of their Third Asia Tour

I know you want to win the tickets!( as much as I do :) As the International Korean Fans of the Halluyu Wave always say " SUJU, 처럼!" SUJU, I LIKE. SUJU 사랑합니다 ! SUJU, I love you!" - I hope I'm right - My basic korean. lol

So here are the steps to winning tickets for yourself!

Step 1) Click "Like" on Facebook OMY SUJU Link

Step 2) Comment on the PHOTO and tell OMY.SG why YOU deserve to win.

Step 3) Invite as many friends as possible to view the photo and "like" your comment. Comments with the most "likes" will be selected to win a pair of tickets!

As a bonus for your friends/voters, one (1) lucky voter will also stand to win a pair of concert tickets!


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