Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Green Hornet !~!~ Review

Went to Malaysia for the New year and caught 2 new movies! :)
Shall share the first movie: The Green Hornet!

The Green Hornet (Actors: Seth Rogen - Rich spoilt brat - in the movie as green hornet ; Jay Chou - Multi-talented - in the movie as kato ; Oh! and Cameron Diaz - in the movie as as a secretary - though I am wondering how come she acted so little in the movie -such a waste of her talent )
The whole storyline revolves around "The Green Hornet and his side kick, Kato" which were created by them to fight crimes - as superheroes. - Heard this was adapted from a comic.

Here's a summary of the movie
Britt Reid (Rogen) is a spoiled brat, whose primary goal in life are partying and annoying his father, James Reid (Tom Wilkinson). James is a billionaire newspaper mogul in Los Angeles that fights corruption through his paper, while Britt parties into the night and frequently appears in his father’s paper, generally in a less than flattering light.

When James dies, Britt is faced with the prospects of running a newspaper empire that he neither wants, nor cares about. He soon meets his father’s old mechanic, Kato, and the two from an unlikely bond. While Britt is intelligent but unmotivated, Kato is a gifted engineer and martial artist that does nothing with either ability.

After a drunken evening, the men head out into the city to cause trouble, but that is interrupted when Britt attempts to stop a mugging. He does so but badly, and Kato quickly comes to his rescue. Together the two relish the excitement of helping people, and Britt then has an idea.

Rather than fighting evil out of altruistic motives, revenge, or a feeling of responsibility, Britt and Kato decide to fight crime because they are bored and think it is fun. Britt decides that they should pose as villains and attack the city’s criminals, claiming to take over while secretly working their way up the underworld and identifying the main threats. It doesn’t take long before the run afoul of the city’s resident kingpin, Chudnofsky (played by Inglorious Basterd’s Christoph Waltz), and Britt and Kato are quickly in way over their heads.

For me, before the movie, I was quite apprehensive as there were much negative buzz about it among the net. However to my surprise, the show was enjoyable - and funny!

The green hornet and Kato had just a good chemistry that the humor just flowed even with simple actions and words - very impressive were the mechanical ideas that came about from kato - the side wheel drill, the machine guns at the side door, the knock out gas gun, and the bullet proof car covering - I liked it quite alot.

I also like how the plot interweaves in the theme of friendship that breaks the boundaries between the very rich and the not-so rich - where they both struggles with the notion of jealousy and forgiveness.

Here's a preview if you are still thinking if you should watch it

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