Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year !~!~!~! :)

Before the Chinese New Year is officially over. Let me share a few pictures of the numerous Lao Yusheng I had during the new year.

1. Lao Yusheng at my relatives house
Ingredients: Carrots, Radish, sesame seeds, peanuts, lemon and honey, crackers

2. The Meet-the-session Group at Nee Soon South with Ms Lee Bee Wah
Come and volunteer with us! Sharing what God has given you with the community - knowledge and ability to write and understand English, Chinese and dialects. We welcome you! :) For more info: click here

For this Yu Sheng, as usual the amazing effort should be applauded - It was self-made through hard work and it was placed in the centre of a big foil and covered with plastic wrap to maintain its freshness.
(Vegetarian) Ingredients: Coconut meat (Very Yummy), carrots, radish, onions
Real thick honey, lemon, peanuts, sesame, sesame oil, wu hua fen -
Absolutely delicious!

3. Family dinner at the restaurant at jade seafood restaurant orchard The Forum

Happy Chinese New year everyone!~!~!~ :)

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