Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beer Fest 2011

On Friday 17th June 2011, after work, I made my way down to Marina Promenande for Beer Fest Asia 2011.

Beer Fest Asia 2011 was held from 16 - 19 June 2011

With the invitation from APB (Thank you APB!), I brought my dad and we squeezed through the huge crowd to dock at APB "Beer Port" and had the opportunity to enjoy a total of 29 brews from 18 countries. - an early gift for Father's day.

It had beers from Asia Pacific,Euope and even Mexico.
As the largest exhibitor at the international event this year, the booth has been conceptualised in line with Singapore’s legacy as a port of call which opens up routes to the regions around the world. Of the 28 brews offered, 12 are exotic brews such as Edelweiss from Austria, Tequila-flavoured beer from France and DOS XX from Mexico.

Edelweiss (Austrian)- As introduced, it is a top-fermented unflitred wheat beer from pure alpine water. Its ingredients are pure alpine water, wheat malt, barley malt, hops and top fermented yeast.

As another blogger said: Compared to Paulaner or Primator Weizenbier , Edelweiss is sweeter with a smaller amount of foam. Making it ever distinct was its suprising light taste. There was also a tinge of floral aftertaste which I heard was that the brewery used crushed coriander in the last end of its boiling process.

Desperados Tequila Beer (France) - It consists entirely of three things: grape juice, sprite, lemonade. This smells (and tastes) like a shandy, but 30% beer and 70% lemonade/limeade. Tequila might be there, but it's minor.

Had a sip ; I like this. It tasted like the crushed blended lime tequilla I had in Mexico, Tequilla.
Birra Moretti (Italy) - Some grassy and grainy taste with a scent of corn as well and possible barley too. In it was also a mix of light citrus.

The light lemon/citrus taste mixed with a grain like malt taste created a light bitter finish that
was quite pleasant. But it was a little too carbonated. Was also told that this was the beer that previously bagged both gold and silver medals at the World Beer Cup!

My dad tried the following too
Archipelago Belgian Wit , Archipelago Bohemian Lager, Archipelago Irish Ale, Archipelago Summer Ale and Archipelago Limited Edition Hickory Smoked IPA.

While checking out the different booths, also noticed that alot of people really got into the spriit of beer fest and came with their special costumes ! Check them out!

91.3 were the host for one of the stages! Gearing people to come up to the stage to dance, sing and all. The best time to do anything and everything - when they have no idea what they are doing.

Want to thank Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore for the wonderful invitation!

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