Friday, June 17, 2011

Stop Human Trafficking - Spread the awareness

A few years back before I went to Mexico, I came across the movie "Trade" and it made me aware of how prevalent human trafficking is and it made me think much more about the safety measures I need to have in place on my bagpacking adventures in Central America - bringing a pepper spray, taser, a whistle - and also making sure I go back to my hostel before night falls and all.....

Adriana is a 13-year-old girl from Mexico City who was kidnapped by sex traffickers and her 17-year-old brother makes it a mission to find her back..... but will he be in time to save her from all the scars that follows her after.....

It also reminded me of another movie which I had watched that it can happen anywhere. - as in the movie" Taken"

And today I came across another movie which I had watched before on the issue of human trafficking- but in more explicit examples and details "Human Trafficking"

In Singapore, as we are blessed with strict laws which prevents such issues from arising so often, we should be aware and lend a helping hand to those 'trapped' by human trafficking.
161 out of 192 nations have reported human trafficking problems. Approximately 27 million people are enslaved around the world.

Human Trafficking is a heinous crime against humanity and an international issue.
Every year, thousands of men, women and children fall into the hands of traffickers, in their own countries and abroad. Human trafficking usually affects women and children. Human trafficking depends on the use of force, fraud, or compels to exploit a person for profit. It has a worst impact on individual victims. Trafficking is a crime that violates the fundamental human rights of its victims.

The purpose behind this crime is exploitation, which includes sexual exploitation and the removal of organs.

There are opportunities for all of us to get involved and speak up against this human rights violation.

If we want to stop human trafficking, we need to ask ourselves, what are real problems that exist behind people circumstances those lead them being trapped by traffic mafia

Man - please control yourself. Be proper. It could be your wife or daughter trapped in such situations. Be faithful.

Social Media - please help spread the message to warn and educate the public by providing general information on the subject. We need to generate awareness among the public and to help prevent victims from falling prey to traffickers.

Government -please help to empower people at risk through education, employment and provision of security. Be 'clean' - you are the role model of the country/nation. Do not be involved.

Individuals - please help the victims of trafficking after their rescue by providing comprehensive psychological and social support, and helping them to mingle into society again

Women - please do not be so guillible and fall into the hands of men who sell you away. please do not chase after the dreams of being models and not be aware of the dangers that lie ahead. Nothing is free in this world.

I nearly fell into this trap myself. - where as a traveller where budget is important and fun that is free was ever enticing, I was tempted into free hitchhiking offers and free parties - but thankfully God kept me safe. I always overcame my senses and overcame the temptation.

One close shave was when I was chatting up with a few people and 2 guys told me they were gonna go to the same destination by their car. It could have saved me the bus fare and settled my accomodation after and also they can get there within half the time I needed if i told the bus. But at night, God woke me up and made me think.
I quickly ran away in the morning, taking the first bus out before the 2 guys woke up and insist I go with them. Till this day, I do not know what might have happen and I feel so thankful.


  1. This might be of interest to you:

  2. Yep I know. I saw the website as well :)

  3. Oh no.. After reading your post, I'm watching 'Trade' right now and it's halfway through I feel like puking alr. Haiz... This is just terrible.
    Thank goodness that you did not fall into their trap!


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