Sunday, February 3, 2013


For bloggers, Photo-taking is just in our blood. Anywhere. Everywhere.
 And though many say its the photographer that makes the difference, truth be told, the camera makes a whole loud of difference - with the brightness of colors, the sharpness contrast which is via the shuttlespeed and more...

Recently I came across the Nikon 1 J2 - Nikon’s advanced camera with interchangeable lenses (ACIL) that boasts new levels of speed, simplicity and enjoyment. Their 60fps (frames per second) images using its continuous shutter feature will allow me to take pictures of triathletes/cyclists racing down with their bikes, Photos of children playing in the swimming pool , dancing movements in performances , running water - things that a normal camera can't capture no matter how good your skills are I suppose.

Here's the colors that have it in. Personally I like the pink, orange and red and white one. But my favorite is the white one.

I like how white can go with a lot with many colors AND it looks good and fashionable.
Imagine me wearing purple holding a white camera.
Teaser #1 : Purple-White
Imagine me wearing my black winter jacket holding a white camera
Teaser #2 : Black -White
Imagine me in my white and yellow dress holding a white camera. Loves!
Teaser #2: Yellow - White
 And have you seen the one with Dara in it. Ultra cute!

 Everyone can look good and fashionable with Nikon 1 J2 camera! Ooooo!

  Click on this link : for more information.

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