Thursday, September 19, 2013

Prison run 2013 - tugged my heart

Today I struggled to wake up to make it for prison run. I have been wanting to do this run since 3 years back but each time after signing up had to forgo it due to either traveling or appointment reasons.

Why specifically this run? Many who knows me have heard me talk to them numerous time about 2 points.

1.Encouraging them to become foster parents for the children whose parents are in jail
2. Provide employment to the ex-convicts 

Fostering children to some may be a fearful matter because they are afraid of the attachment they might feel for the children and after they leave might be painful for them. Or for some they are worried they do not have the ability to take care and guide these children in providing an environment with love. 

We are all not perfect.our parents have scolded us in anger and we at times as parents or even children have retaliate back. But it's the awareness and acknowledgement that will bring healing and also understanding for the children you foster. Because you have gone through those stages of childhood too. And what these children needs is primarily a hug and reminder to know they are not alone in this world.

If fostering is too big a step for you, help them in their education.

2. For employment, I have heard many stories about the difficulty to do so. Because they have to report back for urine test etc and also for some to cause some problems at the companies. But! If you hire 10 and 9 go wrong - you have saved 1 and that will help his/her generations down the road! And most importantly, it's human nature to look at them with judgement - im sure they understand - so don't feel bad when things go wrong - you have already done wonders by giving them this opportunity to integrate back Into the society. But as I tell many of my Friends who are potential employers, when you hire them be fair. Treat them like normal employees. Give them the fair salary as the rest. Give them the job as the rest. Be that support they need in integration.

Along the route

Touching sights

A group that leads blind runners!
I'm so glad they came to support this cause too. Because I believe they understand the struggles themselves. Yet they push through. Determined and never giving up. Thats the attitude.

"Life may seem hard. But after the rain there's always the rainbow. Spend some time to appreciate the rainbow rather than look at the wet ground and lament about it"

Companies along the route that came out in force to support both runners and cause

Up slope, push push PUSH





As I run past the signs of women prison score and many others, I prayed for forgiveness in their hearts too. Prayed for love. Prayed for faith. Pray.

Crossing the 10km, I made a promise that I'll walk alongside them.


To further let the public understand what the convicts or ex-convicts were going through I am glad that they put in some effort and thinking cap for the activities.

So you must be thinking what can you do to help this group of community?

For companies,

For us as an individual,

Each of us can help them integrate better into the society!

 Ex-convicts who have managed to climb out from the 'shadows' and is actively contributing back to this support.

Give them a chance. Don't talk about others. I'm talking to YOU.

Give them a chance

To not walk down this road themselves

But together with everyone as one unity


So they will not end up here again.


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