Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dominos appreciation Night - 2013 - Thank you :)

For myself, I am particular about the products I am being associated because as the saying goes " Walk your talk at home and outside - Be the same person" and so I'll only go for products that I like or see myself liking, sometimes even loving.

That aside, I still remember the first time I was invited to the food tasting for the new Mediterranean pizzas at Dominos. That night I was hooked. In my life I had tried many pizzas - but I I like the fact that I can select different crusts and I like the selection offered- sweetness, spicyness etc.
(* But Dominos, let me say something! Can your riders be more on time? Other than that, everything is close to perfect)

So as the week approaches Christmas, was truly touched at being invited for Dominos Bloggers Appreciation Night. Thank you OMY.SG.
Of yes, another thing to note is that the Domino people are always so proud of their brand. Which is w.o.n.d.e.r.f.u.l.  

And their chirpness.

And of course, before the we dig into the food, bloggers in action.
Always love traveling with bloggers because I don't have to feel awkward taking pictures of the photo, instagram, facebook, tumblr, twitter etc it.

Yummy Yummy!

This bloggers Appreciation Night also announced the winner for this 2nd round of Inter Bloggers contest :)

Dear friend, William :)
* Hey I think you must thank me too. I used your website code alot of times for my company dinners and events to get Dominos HAHAHAHAHA..

Kudos to the rest of the bloggers :)

Ending off with a table shot of the dear bloggers I met that day.
I love blogging. Because it allows you to meet people from all walks of life. And inspires you on all platform and levels.

Here's one of my inspiration that day.
An amazing illustrator :)

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