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Project Inspire 2013 Recap + Upcoming Project Inspire 2014 (Social Entrepreneurshup In Plans)

The Finals for Project Inspire 2014 is COMING!
30th August 2014
Insead Campus in Singapore
12noon to 2pm

Project Inspire: 5 Minutes to Change the World is a joint initiative from the Singapore Committee for UN Women and MasterCard, to help young change-makers create a better world for women and girls in Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.
Launched in 2011, to mark the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day
and the 25th anniversary of MasterCard Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, Project Inspire presents 18-35 year olds with a five-minute platform to pitch their inspired idea, for the chance to win a US$25,000 grant.

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If you are someone who has any idea on how you can contribute in making the world a better place, submit your idea here! The great thing this year is that one does not need to submit a video, just the write up will do!

Do it quick! For the dateline ends in 7 days time!
30th June 2014.

For some ideas to piece together what you have in mind,

Here's some social entrepreneurship showcase ideas
Wheels on Workers brings together volunteer mechanics and youth ages 18-28 to teach auto repair skills. The program seeks to empower workers to become marketable craftsman in the auto industry. Repaired vehicles are sold to the community, bringing money back to the organization, and sold below market value to help individuals coming out of workforce development programs.

Welding Artisan Center aims to train veterans, job-shifting adults, former inmates, and at-risk teens in the art and science of welding.
To learn more, Visit

On The Rise Bakery  trains men recently released from prison or substance abuse programs. Every purchase at the bakery goes back to providing supportive housing, training, educational opportunities and more. 
To learn more, visit

City Girls Soap  creates handmade soaps, lotion and laundry flakes out of goat’s milk. The company aims to employ young people in Pontiac, while also sourcing their ingredients locally.
To learn more, visit

Vehicle City Tacos  is a food truck company committed to supporting sustainable, local, urban agriculture efforts.

The Detroit Food Academy  teaches young Detroiters a triple-bottom-line approach to food business.
To learn more, visit

And here's a recap of last year's entries.

Location: New Delhi, India.
Aim: To expand training in design and handicraft for at-risk women in slum areas.
Team: Sonal Kapoor (India), Shruthi Komandur (India), Tripti Bhauduriya (India).

“In 2010, during a corporate film shoot in Delhi, I came across a woman in a slum,” says Sonal Kapoor. “She had six kids and was trying to send her eight-year-old girl to a red-light district. Extreme poverty demanded that she sacrifice one child in order to pay for food for five others. [I decided then that] I would start a creative arts school, [Protsahan], for sexually abused girls in the area.”
To learn more, visit:

Global Press Institute
Location: Asia, Middle East and Africa.
Aim: To provide journalism training to
women in Bangladesh, Morocco,
Papua New Guinea and Tunisia.
Team: Cristi Hegranes (USA).

“Global Press Institute (GPI) reporters undergo rigorous, professional journalism training, which equips them to write and report stories that have already sparked great change for women, girls and the world at large,” says Cristi Hegranes. “They have caused law changes in Nepal and Rwanda, social protest in Zimbabwe, and heightened awareness for millions of readers all over the world. Our journalists are also earning strong living wages, so they are becoming economically empowered.”
To learn more, visit:

Empowering disabled women through Beekeeping
Location: Masaka and Luwero, Uganda.
Aim: To empower young women with disabilities via training in beekeeping and business literacy.
Team: Susan Asio (Uganda), Brian Mwiine (Uganda), Gerald Kikoyo (Uganda).

“We believe that our project will bring hope back into the lives of disabled women and girls, boost their esteem and identity in society, and lay a firm foundation for them to compete in the economic world,” says Susan Asio who, along with her colleagues Brian Mwiine and Gerald Kikoyo, truly believes “disability is not inability.”
To learn more, visit:

ILaw ng Tahanan - My Shelter Foundation
Location: Mandaluyong City, Philippines.
Aim: To train detainees at the Correctional Institution for Women in the production, use and sale of low-cost solar lamps.
Team: Atty. Margarita N. Gutierrez (Philippines), Atty. Doranne Lim (Philippines).

“It is through education that we can impart vital information to the women of our generation; information that will give them the necessary tools to decide for themselves, and gain the confidence and independence to live the life they want for themselves and their family,” says Margarita N. Gutierrez.
To learn more, visit:

Empower Generation
Location: Nepal.
Aim: To identify and support female entrepreneurs in the clean energy distribution business.
Team: Anya Cherneff (Netherlands), Bennett Cohen (USA), Sita Adhikari (Nepal), Santosh Bista (Nepal).

To learn more, visit:

Livelihoods through Livestock
Location: Ngorongoro, Tanzania.
Aim: To provide economic empowerment to marginalised Maasai women through livestock programs.
Team: Selina Nguruma (Tanzania), Paul Ngoitiko (Tanzania), Lilian Kilonzo (Kenya).

To learn more, visit:
Peace and Development Drama Program
Location: Dili, Timor-Leste.
Aim: To create and develop a film aimed at educating
women on business and livelihood skills.
Team: Sierra James (United States), Joana dos Santos Camoes (Timor-Leste), Jacinta Pereira (Timor-Leste).

To learn more, visit:
Shanti Uganda – Women’s Income-Generating Group
Location: Luwero, Uganda.
Aim: To improve the lives of poverty-stricken, HIV-positive women through the production and sale of eco-conscious jewellery and handbags.
Team: Sadie St. Denis (Canada), Salam Jeghbir (Canada),
Robina Mulangila (Uganda).

To learn more, visit:
The Masala Project
Location: Mumbai, India.
Aim: To provide training and support to women who run businesses producing masala.
Team: Nivedita Pohankar (Mumbai, India).

War-Affected Vulnerable Women Livelihood Innovation Project
Location: Jalalabad, Afghanistan.
Aim: To help marginalised widows in Jalalabad run a small business by teaching them computer programming and
design skills.
Team: Shafiqullah Shadab (Afghanistan),
Walayat shah (Afghanistan), Fawad Ali (Afghanistan).

Everyone can make a difference for the community.
Its only about whether you want to do it.
Priorities in life. For others. Or for yourself.

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