Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Parkour with the Nuffies and Superfly Monkey Dragons - Right here in Sunny Singapore


Much apologies for the hiatus.

Been busy Dayre-ing

Well, I'm someone who have always been into the dynamics of Parkour - I mean how awesome it is to jump over a railing rather than walking around it . So when Nuffnang opened it to us nuffies this once in a lifetime chance of learning the basics of it with Superfly Monkey Dragons! My fingers went * click click (Register) and noted it down on my calender. 

 * Photo credits : Remus Devin Koh Photography

Boy was it an afternoon of sweat and bruises at my first ever Parkour event. And I'm not even talking about the stunts. But just about the warm-up. That day I thoroughly used every part of my muscles. And quite a bit of concentration. 

First up, we warmed up with the running basics – which is designed to improve cardiovascular
fitness, speed and endurance. So up the HDB Blocks we went, and next up the stone chairs and everywhere that we could lay our feet on.

(Haha- I still remember my friend giving me the look at this moment * you ask me to do this. You want me to die ah*)

Here's us struggling in the Parkour Conditioning
The instructor mentions that it focuses on increasing strength, power and improving coordination and balance.

1. Us trying to coordinate our legs and hands while keeping our back straight
 * Photo credits : Nuffnang SG

 2. And doing the ice breaker the unusual way.
 * Photo credits : Nuffnang SG

With us totally warmed up, we began the Parkour Flow - where we learnt how to to join
movements together in one graceful movement. Eyes open, closed eyes jumping in tried unison.

I loved this the best. With the wind blowing and you concentrating, you begin to hear the rustling of the trees, children's laughter and all within the neighborhood.

 * Photo credits : Remus Devin Koh Photography

Finally, stunts and techniques of Parkour to learn. 

Number 1: Up the wall.

1. Hang


* Ah. How to.
 * Photo credits : Remus Devin Koh Photography

2. Showcase of Girl power - after I complained its difficult for females. - *Who says!
 2. Get the footing right and up the wall you go!
In preparation 

Off she goes


For the boys, our side was too 'chicken feet' so they went to the very high walls to practice.
Easy peasy for them it seems. They looked like kung fu masters. haha.

Number 2: Off the railings- Side ways, front wards and backwards roll.



With the pros showing us how it could be done. More beautifully.


Dear Readers of course, there's opportunity for you to try this good fun 'sport' or should I call it 'art'?
 Here's how you can do so  :)
1. Sign up here (
2. When you sign up, select Nuffnang on the Referral Tab
3. When you go to class, mention "Claressagifts" and you can redeem your offer ON THE SPOT

Have a blessed week ahead.


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