Saturday, July 26, 2014

Penang food, Penang art and Chinese clan day 1

Decided to pop by Penang after hearing all the good food there :) so by impulse I booked my ticket for the weekend. 

At changi airport, first time ever I waited at the wrong side of the waiting area and it was hilarious how no one came to let me know. I mean I never knew through one gate there was different sides to it. Thankfully someone finally made a final announcement - I jumped up in shock as ran towards the other side - But I was not the last passenger on board - there was someone else who did the same mistake as me.

Anyway arrived in Penang after around 2 plus hours, the airport though small had very clear directions. Upon exit there is a tourist information counter where you can ask about anything and everything. On the arrival floor, just wait straight out of the door cross the road and you will see the bus stop and the bus conductor sitting there. Any questions just ask the bus conductor very very friendly. 

Oh yes the bus ticket will be bought onboard just let the bus driver know where and he will tell you how much and give you the ticket. Here's the one to George Town - 401 ( if your hostel is along chulia like mine) or 401e if it's near the jetty. All passes by komtar. 

Made my way to find my hostel on lorong chulia. The owner and group of staff are very friendly. 

Walk around town to the famous curry noodle store. Glad it was my first stop for Penang food. Delicious. The chili paste was sweet and the ingredients mint leave curry and tofu skin mix was lovely. Not too spicy yet tingling to the taste buds.

Spent some time talking to the auntie. Always love stores like that. 

Continued my way down and discovered the famous chendol where a long queue was forming along Kimberly street.

What with gula Melaka doesn't taste nice? As for uniqueness I still prefer the nonya one I ate in melaka.

Under the hot sweltering sun, I took shelter In the camera museum. My brother would love this. 

Walking along the streets who can miss the artwork around - it's amazing how they manage to infuse daily life satires into their art. I love art that allows us to learn about the culture or carries a deeper meaning. 

With sunset approaching, I quickly made my way to the Chinese clans at the jetty. 

While on my way there I found this
Awesome-ness (3 layer kueh) the yam sweet potato and brown kueh melted Into one and the outer skin crisp thinly to perfection. Lovely!

If you are walking from lebuh chulia walking straight all the way and turn left you will soon see the arrow directions to clan. ( opposite direction of jetty bus station ) 

First up is the ever famous chew jetty. 
Some say it's very touristy because of the tourist shops that spring up in the town. But frankly it's not very touristy and the owners do not drag you in the shops you can go in if you want. No obligation. And the snacks they sell is local - fruity handmade ice cream, durian puffs etc
I like the atmosphere there. 

 Oh yes if you plan to stay there it's possible. Here's an option.

Stay tune for day 2.

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