Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Human Resources Random Articles - and its jargons



Considering an activity that visualises how people work using digital tools.

an AI-powered workstyle transformation service as the infrastructure platform supporting new ways of working, classifying and visualising work content and workload

By visualising the contents of work using AI, it will become possible to grasp the current situation quantitatively and objectively, and to solve problems that emerge over the course of implementing remote working schemes throughout the group

creating a virtual workplace in which all employees can feel healthy and energetic, while providing opportunities for employees to realise their own growth and maximise their personal potential.


Above Jargon. Still don't get it. Do you?


We are living in a world of technology

Question then is what do we need. Not what we want.

This new era of HR and the workplace require organisations rethink, reimagine and transform their navigation strategies to spur post recovery and cope with the new norms.

HR topics

HR in 2020 - alongside Covid-19

Turning to the current state of HR, he said, the challenge of being an HR leader right now is two-fold: One, you must be a compassionate representative of people who are dealing with new ways of thinking about benefits and managers. At the same time, he added, you know you are probably going to lay people off, a problem that likely is only going to get worse.

HR today isn’t set up to have a lot of questions thrown at it all at once. It is set up to manage a specific type and level of inquiry
In order to meet that challenge, you need to do things like install technology that answers those questions for you

Is it me? Or?? I hate chatbot trying hard to answer my questions but in actual fact not answering my question. Making me feel more frustrated then ever. The best chatbot to me is a max of 3 times asking me to rephrase my question and after that giving me an OPTION to talk to someone. Not to KEEP asking me to rephrase my question INCESSANTLY.

But I do agree it does help specially for questions associated with company policies. Things that are fix.

 Socrates uses artificial intelligence to pull together relevant information and applications, starting with policy and compliance documents, while creating a “single core” knowledge base, out of which come consistent answers on myriad employee questions. 

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