Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Introduction to Inclusive Hiring

 Predictable Barriers to hiring people with disability

Attitude is caught not taught

Not to be overprotected. Explore opportunities.

[Growing up with expectation that we would be part of the world, instead of a different separate world]

My father made us mow the lawn. And I said I was blind. And he said well, then you just got to take off your shoes and feel the grass. 

[They really included me]

[They just tried their best to integrate me the best way they could]

They figured out ways we could play ball, telling me when to duck. And when it came to baseball, they would grab me to run the bases. 

When you are disabled person, the world is not built for you

And so you have to be very strategic. Very innovative. You have to figure out ways to do things

I think its fair to say no matter how high the ladder we go, we still have to deal with people's reactions every single day - good or bad 

Understanding the barriers to Employment

During job fairs -  Over reliance on Paper Application forms, In accessible websites -where it does not work with screen readers for the blind, 

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