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Eastern Restaurant 东方food review

Hello dearies!
I guess many of you must know how much I love eating when you view my other blog : Bagpacking travelogue. And I absolutely love Zhajiangmian and dumplings. I have eaten amazing ones in Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen. In Singapore I have tried Nanxiang, Crystal Jade but it was a little costly.

So I was delighted when I got the invitation from Dennis from Flaunt PR to do a food review for
Eastern Restaurant 东方
- That day on my mind was all about Xiao Long Bao and the various Shanghai and Si Chuan Cuisine. And the food there was nice and most importantly its affordable!
And Guess what!
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So gather your friends and make your way down to........... Centrepoint, #01-57
Call 67362638 to book a seat today!!!

Go to centerpoint down to B1 - Look for cold storage
Then beside cold storage look for this sign
Yes! Its Eastern Restaurant - Walk ahead and you will have to go up an elevator to Floor 1
And you will see it

The boss is a Malaysian who has worked overseas for quite a bit. He is very nice and will give a helping hand to mix your noodles if he see you having a problem. (And naturally with a nice boss, the service was good! The waitress and waiter will come and replenish your tea when they see its empty ; and they will come and help you in changing your plates when they see its with the sauce of the noodles etc)

And there is free flow of Tea!

So here we go :)

My Favorite dish of the day!
Zha Jiang Mian 炸浆面
I love the sauce! I love the meat. I love the noodles! I will come back for this again soon!
And the boss helped me do the proper mixing. Yum Yum!

This dumpling dish was also very nice! But a little too spicy - 麻辣饺子 - for me at least , initially. But with the meat inside, it made it juicier. Go for it, if you like the spice and you love dumpling. No regrets.

And the Dan Dan noodles 单单面. But because it is a Si Chuan dish, it is a little spicy. Can ask the outlet to put less of the Ma La Oil. I like the noodles. Very chewy. Scroll down later for the demo of how the noodles were made!

We also tried the 梅菜扣肉=Mei Cai Kou Rou ( Stewed Pork Belly with Preserved vegetables)
I love the Mui Choy ( Preserved vegetable) with the sauce - its good with rice if you like salted food - I like! My must have dish in Shanghai.

And another 3 of the must-eats in a Shanghai-nese restaurant

Xiao Long Bao 小龙包
It was good! Above my expectation. The skin was thin and so when you eat a number of it, you don't feel stuff. But felt that the meat should have more soup. It was good though. I think if we ate it once it got to our table, the soup might be just nice.

Fried Bao - Jian Bao 煎包
Not really a fan of oily food. But this was not oily and the meat inside was much so it was enjoyable.

Fried dumpling - Guo Tie 锅贴
And Long beans sauteed with meat.
In China I always like this dish together with their 四季豆

And next was the egg and crab meat. Personally like this dish quite a bit because I like egg and I like crab meat. A good mix to the food.

And the prawns- which was succulent and juicy.

And the meat -

And Oh my lovely dessert - there is a tinge of saltiness with the sweetness. I like the sugary feel and how it oozes out. Eat it hot! Delicious!

Look at fellow blogger , William (who is a tech, lifestyle etc blogger) savoring it and HP (Jap-Kor related blogger) beside him too into the food to look at me (haha)

And their kitchen is open concept. You can see live demo of the making of noodles from scratch. Its amazing how fine the noodles are.

So come along for the Shanghai-nese 上海 / si-chuan 四川 food!

Ending off with a picture of us bloggers
Met 2 familiar faces - Ruiting (Live life) and Shuqing - who are lifestyle bloggers like me!
And 4 new faces -
2 bloggers - Kiyomi (who writes about jap-related things and make up ) and Maureen (who is a food blogger)
2 from Singapore Chinese Online - they write about articles

Yeah! Social Media

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