Monday, July 11, 2011

Urban Attack @ Velocity 2011

Been wanting to write about the Urban Attack@Velocity that I did 2 weeks back.
Since watching the shows on TV : Japanese Ninja Challenge ; Korean Dream Team; I wanted to try out something similar! And the opportunity came when I saw it at my friend's wedding. His friends had made him go through the obstacles on his last night as a bachelor.
And Of course, I immediately signed up- Women's open!

There were 4 open categories:
- Men's Open
- Women's Open
- Team Challenge (Mixed Open)
- Team Challenge (Men's Open)

Went for the trials on the 12th June to qualify for the finals but failed at the first rolling pin - but for my efforts, the organizers gave me an opportunity for the finals on the 25th June which sadly i failed again at the rolling pin.

Choice of dates for preliminaries:
21, 22, 28, 29 May and 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 19 June 2011.
25 June 2011

I will definitely do it again next year. 2012 with more practice :)

Before you start, there will be a safety briefing and they will ask you to put on the helmet and equipment
And off you go!

First station - Rock and roll barrels

There were people who ran across it ( I tried it the first time but I fell through - it was scary doing that as it was rolling while you were running!) While some used their bodies pushing and rolling ( I tried that the 2nd time but I fell through the big gap and hurt my back)

An example of a girl that fell through by rolling

2nd station - Topsy turvy
You had to run on it and jump out asap o.w you will get giddy. For those with a fear of heights, this might also pose as an obstacle. And the gap between where you are standing, and the turning thing made it even scarier. Even viewing it from the side.

3rd station - Bear hug
Run, grab tight and swing yourself across!
you must use the kinetic energy and grab it tight.If you don't and it gets stuck in the center, it requires a lot of strength to shift yourself across.

4th Station - The matrix Net ropes - you can either climb over - grabbing with your hands and moving with your feet ; or for those stronger guys, they use their arms to maneuver themselves to the destination

5th station - The giant balls
Jumping across the balls

6th station - and the last station where many falter is the Helipad . You have to get your momentum right - once you lose your momentum , or once you turn the wrong side ; you're close to gone. But there are some who manage to salvage the situation. Wonderful!

Here are a few of the best dress participants

3 Caucasians who came with hot pants and yet manage to do it such fast speed and accuracy.
The piggies

The diapers

The japs

The pinkies

And some teams who really gave it their all. Thumbs all. SMU Team.

Last year winner with his friends

And the final winner! Adriel

Here's the facebook link for more info

A video for a successful attempt

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