Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ootoya Japanese Restaurant 大戸屋

My Secondary school ex- classmates were planning for a gathering and I chance upon an amazing photo (below) on my friend's facebook page and it looked so yummy - don't you think so?

and so I asked my friend where was it. And she recommended:Ootoya Japanese Restaurant!
Directions: Sit the lift up to Level 8 of Orchard Central then walk all the way to the end .
Open: 11am – 9:30pm (last order)
Actual Address: 181 Orchard Road #08-12, Orchard Central Singapore 238896 Tel: (65) 6884 8901 (no reservations taken)

They serve simple Japanese home-cook food. Very good for me who do not really take in raw food.

Thankfully I went there early - the queue had already started and I found out that they don’t take reservations. I waited for around twenty minutes for a table -

Kindly note: there are no chairs to sit down and no sms to inform - so if you have children take your children other places while you get one person in family / group to wait and call you once the number is nearing. The good thing about the place is that they have friendly staff who will entertain your request asking for an update on the status and the timing in a polite manner.

The food was good, affordable and the environment was good - wonderful to chill ( Oh! and the food comes quick!) . And its free flow of Japanese white rice if you order the set meal! :)

I had the Kasan ( On the menu: Its says its an Ootoya special - which is breaded chicken in onion special sauce). I like the crunchy fresh onions in the sauce/soup and how the sauce mixes with the bread crumbs on the chicken. I like.

I had wanted to try the one on my friend's facebook - fried pork cutlets with egg! but I prefer chicken.
I am going to try that the next time.

One of my friend tried the chicken and tofu soup with special steam mix rice presented in a bamboo steamer ( the dish on the menu itself already looks amazing) .Its delicious. The broth was boiled just nice - not too starchy, not too watery. And the chicken and tofu in it was a good mix! but the portion for this I find it quite a lot - probably 2/3 can share for small-eaters.

The other tried the rosu katsu set which consists of strips of fried pork loin. It was above average .. Crispy and hot - which is a must for such dishes.

I am gonna bring my parents there probably soon! :)

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