Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Korean Dramas - I miss you 'n' Full House take 2

These days, I'm glued to these dramas that I feel that every week I'm just waiting.

I miss you -
All my favorite actors and actress is in it!
Now its I miss you EP 5.
I'm so waiting for EP 6 when he finally finds her!
( I will miss the child actors though. They were great!)

[ENGLISH SUBBED]  ‘I Miss You’ Episode 6 Previews 

Full House Take 2 -
I first watched this drama because of Hwang Jung Eum.  (If you had watched We got married, Can you hear my heart ,you'll fall in love with her like me) And the storyline is some sort you know how it will turn out to be , but keep watching because you're curious how the twist will be.
Only qualms about this show is: I'm wondering how come each episode is so short!
I love the OST Song by Ailee -Love note!

Counting down!

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