Monday, November 26, 2012


Some people might think its a stigma that they do not want to be associated with single (SDN) but not to me, because kudos to the organizers, its always such fun!
And to all singles out there , don't be shy!

Open to SINGLES, age 20 and above, and is either a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident … and looking for some dating fun in Sentosa.

Being briefed and placed in different groups,

We got our first clue.
A lion overseeing the sea - "Merlion"
Its my first time there and its about the narration of the history of how Singapore was found.


Where Sang Nila Utama found the island.And saw the lion.

Tada!  Our Singapura Icon was found.
* Ps: I only realise it was half Lion half Mermaid that day!
Half mermaid symbolising Singapore being a port - which was what kept us surviving till this day.

After the video, there's also a chance to get a mystery gift using the tokens and dropping it into the lion's mouth. I won a Sentosa merlion fan! ( just nice for such a hot weather that day)

Then they took us to the top floor and we were given the opportunity to view the whole of Sentosa.
If the sun was not shining on us, we would have stayed there for a longer time!

We quickly made our way to pit stop 1 and got our next clue -  Desperados.
Gosh, what greeted us was a LONG long queue.

But it was so worth the wait! This game is amazingly fun!
Wearing a pair of 3D glasses, sitting on the machine that moves, with great sound events and of course the gun - totally in love with it.
Woohoo! My score for the round 301- 2nd highest scorer. No wonder my arms and fingers were sore after that! hahahahaha.

There's also the rest of the rides that we did not try.
Gathering our scores, we made our way to Pitstop 3.
What I was waiting for! The Luge!
Been wanting to try it for ages but did not get to.
Making it ever more exciting was the challenge to keep the water in the cup as we slide downhill on a luge.
I was totally wet by the time I reached to the bottom! Such fun!

Sentosa! Such joy to enjoy such adventures with new found friends and teammates.

Then we had our dinner in the pavilion facing the sea. And I realized how beautiful Singapore is. How beautiful nature is. How blessed are we to have sight to witness this beauty.

Ending off we had a campfire in the sand. Singing songs and playing games - brings back the younger camping days.

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