Thursday, November 8, 2012

NAJnow - Need A Job Now

Start-Up Interview : NAJnow - Need A Job Now

Together with another university friend, after numerous start-ups and SMEs seminars attended and also chit chats with friends, 2 very special people have discovered there is misalignment between information available between students and the companies. Specially for the groups as stated below and hence have decided to do something about it! Through our favorite medium - Facebook. No frills. No cost.

1. SMEs looking for Interns

2. Start-Ups looking for Interns
3. ITE Fresh Graduates looking for Jobs  

4. Polytechnic Fresh Graduates looking for Jobs

5. Students looking for jobs during summer break or the days they are free from lessons or the period when they are awaiting transition to the next level

What does NAJnow do?
NAJnow is an online job opportunity site, aimed to help people get working and hence facing less opportunity cost. NAJnow is a free online service that lets SMEs and Start ups advertise their services, hourly rate, availability and geographic location. Members who easily 'like' the related page will receive message alerts when job opportunities arise.

How is NAJnow unique?
NAJnow is unique because it allows job seekers and job hunters to link their web pages to their Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter pages and having a more personalize touch. It also send out alerts when employers contact employees via messages. Who these days are not on facebook? Finding a job can be stressful and extremely difficult but NAJnow simplifies the process for both the employer and the job candidates.

Most importantly, we hope NAJnow eventually be a platform for SMEs and Start-ups to contribute back to the society through workshops or probably mentoring sessions. In future maybe even hiring for the ex-convicts and intellectually disabled sector.

Lets all work together to make Singapore a better place to live in. Hand in Hand.

To students and graduates, "Like" the page for more job updates. Cheers!

To Employers of Start-Ups and SMEs,
Do write in to with the following information and we will post the position up.

Name of your company:
Job Position:
Job scope:
Looking for: Fresh Graduates? Interns?
Way of contact:
Kindly also provide the below information, its for our own reference
Person of contact

*Important: For companies and Students/graduates, Please CC in your emails out so we can track on the progress.

May you be inspired by the enthusiasm of our local young people who could be the next entrepreneur or businessmen/women of the year.Cheers! 

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