Monday, April 29, 2013

A new dating app with a more personalized touch? Its a date.

With love from another blogger Grace Tan - was given the media privilege at the launch of It’s a Date (IAD) Asia’s First-Ever Personalised Dating Concierge App.
This app not only helps you find your date but also helps you to look your best.
No matter how busy your work life can be, It’s a Date is created to manage your social time for you via their personalised dating services with the convenience of their IAD app.

The key word of their app " Personalised "
Started out the event with a cute handsome host who carried out the conversations in a talkshow manner.

And next, letting us have a review of the kind of stylists and grooming professionals that they have so that one will be well prepared for the date.

Showcasing at the launch was the transformation of Mr. * Jeremy
From Mr daily guy who walks down the street
To ... still a daily guy that walks down the street - in a brighter and more energetic style.
After transformation - in a new haircut, new set of clothes - the only question I had in my mind was would he bother dressing up like this in future for dates, won't it get very tiring then. Its like a celebrity always having to visit the stylist so they can go out. GOSH!

So here's a preview of how it works

The IAD app will also provide you with a recommended list of the latest restaurants/joints/bars so that you can plan and decide where to bring your date while the dating consultants make the necessary reservations.
1. Key in your login details that will have your interests, your job, where you stay etc.
2. Then it will match you to be partners that 'best' suits what you had keyed in.

3. Selection of venue for the date
All in all, I was expecting so much more.
Like the geeks in " Geek and beauty"
Major transformation. 
But still I believe most ladies do not look primarily at the outer look
Though I don't deny it plays a part. But looks don't last. Inner beauty does.

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