Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Learning how to sing better : My journey with Lee Wei Song School of Music

Here's another exciting project that I embarked on since March.
Training courses under Lee Wei Song School Of Music.

My first lesson was "Mystery Guest Night" with Campus Superstar 2006 Winner of Female category and 1st Runner-up of Competition Teresa Tseng 曾咏霖 / Zeng Yong Lin. She shared with us on her thoughts on the music industry in Singapore and in Taiwan. Also reminded us that the industry is tough and passion alone might not be enough. Hard work is necessary. 

Such an endearing lady.

My second lesson was " Dance+Sing" and I enjoyed it to the max!
Looked so easy whenever you see people do it on stage. 
But its not so. Imagine trying to do your movements and also trying to remember the lyrics while making sure your movement flows with your energy and that your mike is align with your mouth while singing.
Never knew it was such fun but also very tiring. 
Learning the techniques from Ivy was interesting.

My third lesson was the one I always wanted to do "Kpop Dance". I was totally hyped that day. 
Excitement. But .... the dance selected that day was not what I was looking for. Felt like gangnam style super junior kind. Not that its not good. But I prefer the sexy body movement kind of dances. Like sistar 'Loving you' , Girls Generation" I got a boy" or Miss A " Touch".

And my final 2 lessons was " Power Ballad" and "R&B Time". 
Power Ballad was interesting where the instructor taught us how to identify words for emphasis in songs to convey the emotion and tone. The instructor also demonstrated and his voice was soothing and nice to listen to!

Then for R&B Time, not really my cup of tea because it requires quite a bit of detailed techniques on beats which I didn't really like. Need to understand quite a bit on rhythm.  I prefer emotional kind of songs.

There are also lessons like piano+sing and Guitar+Sing and Music Making which I missed. Oh and also vocal clinic which I so badly wanted to attend but didn't get the chance to.
They had their open house last week! Here's more of the courses they have.


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