Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Papercraft Workshop + Create your Style with Swarovski Crystal

This week I wanted to be put more thought into my writing. But as usual I am having a writer block.
My writing is killing me. So I put more effort into my pictures and express my interest as vividly as I can.

My last weekend was very well-spent. Totally satisfied. (And yay! I won a printer for my creation)
Where was I?

Winning a contest from 8 days (Thanks to fellow blogger Valerie who shared this exciting event with me) for this papercraft workshop sponsored by canon pixma and scrapelicious.
1. Cut out the shapes
2. Print out the photos using the canon printer
3. Stick it together using glue
4. Link it together using a string
5. Form your own idea of the 'crown' ( it must support the below shapes and also be in line)

And this is what I came up with : * Proud of myself *

Then we had the chance to play games with Rebecca Lim. My team won.

And a few months back. I did this wonderful workshop (Thanks to Nuffnang invite) - Creating the style with swarovski elements.    
Here's some of the products created - 
So pretty! Got me in the mood to start creating something of my own.


So we started.

1. Familiarizing myself with the instruments :)

2. Reviewing the instructions - not as easy as it seems.

3. Getting into action

4. First pair up!

4a. more pairs up!

Final product! Lovely!

And here's something the teacher made for me.


I am so in love with DIY items.
Always makes my day.
 Love! Love! Love!

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