Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disturbed by world issues

I am still so disturbed.
With the recent abduction and rape cases, I am horrified by how messed up the world is. What is going through the minds of these people?

Making it worse, someone told me about Junko Furuta Murder and I watched it on You Tube.
Made my head swirl.
Also made me more cautious these days when bagpacking.

Junko Furuta (古田 順子 Furuta Junko, November 22, 1972 – January 4, 1989) was a 16-year-old Japanese high school student who was abducted, tortured, and raped for 40 days before being murdered in the late 1980s.

On November 25, 1988, four boys, including a 17-year-old whose name was Jō and was later given the surname Kamisaku ,abducted and held Furuta, a third-year high school student from Misato, Saitama Prefecture, for 40 days. They kept her captive in the house owned by the parents of Kamisaku, in the Ayase district of Adachi, Tokyo. She was a student at Yashio-Minami High School, and she was a stranger to her assailants. In order to avoid any concern over her abduction the perpetrators forced Furuta to call her parents and tell them that she would be staying at a friend’s house for a while. (Its amazing how during the conversation, she manage to hold her calm)

During her captivity Furuta endured regular beatings, repeated rape, rape with objects (including heated light bulbs inserted into her vagina), burning with cigarettes, having weights dropped on her body, having firecrackers inserted into her mouth, ears, and anus (which were then lit and exploded), having one of her nipples torn off with pliers, starvation, being forced to drink her own urine, being forced to eat cockroaches, and having her fingernails torn off. She was also hung from the ceiling and used as a human punching bag. In one incident her captors set her legs on fire as a punishment for trying to use the phone to call for help. On January 4, 1989 using one of the boys’ loss at mahjong as a pretext, Furuta was beaten so severely that she suffered convulsions. Furuta then died only a few hours after she was set on fire for the second time. The parents of the boy whose house it was were present at least part of the time Furuta was held captive, yet they did not intervene, later claiming that they feared their son too much to do so.

There was also a scene where the mother of the boy helped her escape out of the house. Yet unlucky as she is, she met with the perpetrators during the escape.

Truly disturbed.What is the world coming to?

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