Sunday, August 18, 2013

We will dance - Singapore very first 10-hour dance marathon for charity

Last Saturday 17th August 2013, decided to join in for this event at honglim park for a good cause in Singapore.
- dancing and connecting with the community to support the cause that you want to. 
They managed to raise $12,797.11 in all! 
This was Singapore 1st fundraising dance marathon that allows participants of all ages to have fun while learning from instructors on the stage. 

To participate, I registered online. 
1. Choose how I would challenge myself ( there were 3 categories  ten hour dance maniac in red; six hour dance survivor in yellow and open category dance challenger in green) 

I signed up in the green category- open challenger. 
2. Then one can choose the cause you want to support. I love this! Because it opened my eyes to other beneficiaries that I did not know of through it's explanation when you click through the list of cause. ( it's so wonderful to know there's quite abit of help in the community by many individuals and organizations - thanks for making the world a better place to live in) 

And on the day itself, dance! Dance! Dance!

And in between while resting, there were performances from all age groups. These young children were adorable! 
And off we started! 

2pm - street jazz
3pm - bokwa fitness
4pm- hip hop
5pm - zumba

There was also kpop but I had something on and had to leave.

Had such a great time. And could also contribute to a cause. Great organization. 
And yeah! Even it rained. The energy was amazing. Everyone continued dancing in the rain. And guess what. It even attracted spiderman to join in. (haha)

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