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I still remembered my first blogging event was for ECO MUSIC Challenge. So many years have passed by.I was very impressed by the participants. Year by year. Its so wonderful to see people using their talent to express their care for the environment and community.

Organised by the National Environment Agency (NEA), the Eco Music Challenge allows passionate musicians to showcase their musical talent and express their appreciation for our beautiful environment.Main idea to inspire others towards a cleaner, greener Singapore with  music!

All you have to do is to submit an original song and you could get the chance to win cash prizes and be part of an exclusive album! Finalists will also be mentored by professionals like Dick Lee, Clement Chow, Shimona Kee and more.

 In addition, the winning song will become the official Clean and Green Singapore theme song for 2014, and the winner will get to perform at the Clean & Green Carnival on 26th October 2013.

This year a thought crossed my mind and I  was inspired to do up a song too!
There has been so many things happening around the world - Haze, earthquakes etc and its probably time to play my part in spreading awareness using this medium.

And the great thing is : they EXTENDED the dateline to 8th September 2013 ( so there's a few more days to brainstorm) . Register here!

So now I just have to get my throats warmed up, poetic feelings and most important be reminded of what the earth has done for us and what can we do for the earth.

I reviewed the NEA Go green tips and picked out the few tips that I felt strongly about
- Switch off appliances at power socket
- Bring your own bag
- Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
- Go for green transport - e.g. cycling

Here's my thoughts before I make them into a possible song
I have traveled around the world. Faced with bad haze that makes your eyes tear. Faced with sandstorms that makes your throat hurt. Faced with fearful people who never know when the next earthquake may come that will end their lives. Yet all these , some say, may be beyond our control. However there is lots we can do as an individual.
In the office, use the one-sided used papers for lesser important print-outs, off the light during lunch hours when few people are in, turn down the screen brightness if possible for it saves energy, install low flush toilet bowls, install low flow shower heads, bring your own lunchbox so there's lesser wastage on the Styrofoam packaging, have the bins that allow separation of recyclable items and non-recycle items and more.

At home, switch off the lights when not in use or when its still bright outside, use the fan rather than the air-con ( come on! In Singapore, its possible!), when washing items, wash it in a pail rather than run it under running water, Plastic bag to be reuse at every possible moment, buy items in bulk so you can save on packaging and more.
During leisure time, cycle to places rather than drive. Or sit the public transport. Plant a tree in your back garden if you have one otherwise join your community in doing so. Most importantly, remind people to reduce, reuse and recycle.

Gandhi wisely said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." That's certainly true when it comes to saving the environment, and each of us has an individual responsibility to make the changes and decisions that will benefit the natural world around us. But even our most concerted efforts will have a minimal impact if we're the only ones making them, or even if we're part of a small group making such environmental choices. The power in the steps on this list comes from getting everyone to take them together. After doing all the other things mentioned here -- cutting energy consumption, conserving water, driving less and everything else -- the most important thing is to be bold and vocal about encouraging others to do the same. The environment won't be saved by a handful of activists or even by a collection of powerful world leaders. It will be saved by the collective action of mankind. So play your part by taking the first nine steps and then asking everyone you know to join you. You never know … you might just end up being one of the heroes that help save our environment.

Rather than just thinking that you are saving the environment, IMAGINE the lives you would be saving all around the world.

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