Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another Hen's Night preparation- Singapore

Here I'm back with another round of research for a hen's night party in Singapore, because another of my friend is getting married

 First, where to hold it.
 My 2 experience with Hen's night venue were

1. KTV with Dinner buffet I personally like it because I'm also a KTV Fan! And with food in the loop - lovely. But of course the bride to be must also be a fan. So how we did it was to target the other KTV Rooms and get the bride to do hilarious things.
 -> Get the bride to be go to the other KTV rooms and come up with the total amount of $5
 -> Get the bride to be sing a love song with another guy and with actions
-> For the bride to be to feed things to someone else
-> For the bride to be to get people to shout with her " I'm getting married"
-> For shy brides, Okay. My other friend bought a banana and a condom and told the bride to put it on the banana (That's a bit too personal though I feel. Well.)

2. Simple Dinner at Raffles City I chose there for the crowd. Easy to get people to help the bride to be to complete her forfeits.
-> Get the bride to be to order food in a foreign accent (This was really enjoyable)
-> To pose with someone and her one leg in the air (it seems easy but its very difficult for a shy person and in front of everyone in the restaurant)
-> To get people to write well wishes for her and her husband to be
-> To hug a child and say I love you and get the child to give you a kiss of blessing
-> To get a random guy to look into your eyes and feed you biscuits
* Tempted to post photos of my friend doing it but I guess I shall be nice :)

And here's a peek into the other hen's nights I have seen that my friends organize That some I find too wild
 - Clubs -> Kissing some random guy
-> Using a random guy as a pole and doing pole dance on him
-> Dancing on the Table Top / Bar Top
-> Chatting guys up and offering them drinks
-> Giving out bras ( Okay that was really weird)
-> Getting guys to use their mouth to take out strips of paper at the neckline of your blouse (o..kkk...)

 - Hotel rooms private party
-> bride to be is tied on the chair blind folded and get a guy escort to do erotic dance and taking ermm. some of his clothes off ( I was a bit shock when I saw this though. And the bride parents were in the room too)
-> Pajamas slumber party in sexy lingerie
-> Pampering themselves with manicure, pedicure and massage in the room
-> Wine enjoying So back to my research for tonight.

So.... If only it was a weekend hen's night
-> Make her attend a pole dancing/Burlesque Dance class

Anyway, Here's my simple plan for tonight
-> Meet for Dinner
-> Put on her chair that says " I'm getting married to my best friend"
Printable Games -> Sing to some random person your favorite song -> Using your hubby name ; form a poem, then call your hubby and say it to him -> Wink at a stranger -> Find 5 guys and say " I think you are cute" and offer him a sweet -> Take a photo with a guy with braces -> Get a child to put lipstick for you and kiss hand in thanks -> Flick your hair at a guy and say don't you love my hair -> Ending off: Sweet note/message from others

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