Monday, February 3, 2014

Sharing what I have blessed with - Old folks & the needy in Singapore

In times where we enjoy Chinese New Year - with food such as Abalone, Clams, Snacks, and also receive Ang Paos etc. For the old folks who are in homes, and some who had been abandon, its probably the saddest time because they get reminded by what they lack - love from their children and simply put, family. And for the needy, a reminder of what they do not have.

However on a happy note, this is the time where people are reminded of above lacking, and a time where people remember to give. And the needy and old folks get an extra helping hand on necessities. 

So off I went with Caring Singaporeans to do our part for the society.

A group of people placed Bee Hoon into bags and another group placed rice into bags.
While the rest get readied the red plastic bags to contain all the necessities bought - sardines, biscuits etc.

 Placed all inside the car to the max it can take. Off we went!

With as many as 5 bags that we can carry, with the help of the town councils, we carried and went to the rental flats that were in need.

After probably 4 places, we went to Lee Ah Mooi Old Aged home to celebrate with the old folks

Talking to them with the minimal Hokkein we could muster, and helping to feed those that needs assistance.

It was truly a blessed and amazing day.
Reminded me to be thankful of what I had and remember to share.

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