Thursday, February 27, 2014

Robinson personal shopper experience

YWLC had exclusive invites to Robinson Personal Shopper experience and I'm glad to be one of the few who had this opportunity.

Most of you would be asking me what is a Personal Shopper Experience? To be frank, before I knew about this event, I too did not have a clue.
All I was thinking about - was Tai Tai lifestyle?
But nope, its affordable. Surprisingly.

So here's a preview as to what you can expect.

1. Exclusive Lounge area to chill and relax while your outfits are brought in for selection

2. For those interested in brands, its founders and its pattern, (like me) , the robinson personal shopper will explain to you brands exclusively in robinsons and also the uniqueness of each brand.
Ranging from Summer collection to Spring collection. And you can pick the clothes that you like off the shelves.

3. With the selection of clothes , the personal shopper will explain how you can further enhance the style. Most importantly, you can bring clothes of your own.  Example if I just want to buy a jacket to fit my working clothes, I'll bring the set of working clothes I have, and they will bring a selection of jackets for me to try with my set.

And the matching begins.

4. After fitting into your clothes, exactly on that level, is a hair styling salon where you can do your hair on the spot.

Also some hair styles, that does not require much.

* On that day, 2 of YWLC members were invited to be models as well.

Ending off, with us being able to try the clothes on the rack.

I had a great time!
For a complimentary personal shopper experience, can email them at or call  +65 6735 8838.

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