Thursday, November 11, 2010

BMW Series 8 Launch Invitation

Recieved an invitation card for the BMW 8 Series launch - so today I made my way to Marina Bays Sands convention center for the display- it was magnificient and a very well designed concept that lulled people into what BMW Stands for.

And then we were given a pass with the instruction to wear it all times - if not, might be mistakenly ushered out.

Then the speech from the BMW Director of Asia and Managing Director of Performance Motors - Which though short expressed their desire to see the brand continue growing and their passion for it.

After the speeches, we began the mingling and eating.
Guess what did they serve?
Fresh Big juicy Oysters freshly detached from their shells with lime provided
People were slurping one after another - Just looking them really tempted me to also try it - but my dislike for seafood related - prevented me from doing so.

Thankfully Chocolate Fondue with amazing marshmallows and shortbread were also prepared.

And the highlight for the event! - the showroom of all BMW series
Pictures up in a minute....
They had guides to bring us around - together with headphones that allows explanation for each car design

And I was shock to see bicycles and motorcycles

And T-shirts, Wallets and belt buckle bearing the BMW sign - I thought only ferrari had that?

And of course to end this blog entry are the amazing designed BMW Cars
First revealing the BMW 8 Series

BMW Car 1 (and so on)

And what I love about this whole event was how well-planned it was. Even the design of the showroom were aligned to their brand


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