Monday, November 22, 2010

Daily Events :) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and Cheng San Market

Lots to update :)
Last week have been mostly about eating - food and more food. But its good food! So no regrets! hahahaha..And I also watched Harry potter and the deathly hallows. And I did my regular 3 month blood donation :)

First up: The review of Harry Potter Movie - By the courtesy of SMU Alumni.

Its so weird to see them all grown up. Its like we accompanied them on their journey of childhood - Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

The plot sees Harry (Daniel Radcliffe), Hermione (Emma Watson) and Ron (Rupert Grint) on the run from Lord Voldemort and his henchmen. They must sever ties with home - and Hogwarts - and go it alone. Along the way, they embark on a quest to track down various things which will help them fight the evil forces - a horcrux containing a sliver of Voldemort's soul, the sword of Gryffindor, the meaning of a pendant that holds the key to the deathly hallows ( From

Lord Voldermort

The Elf

Unlike the usual Harry Potter show where magic, evil vs good is a strong theme throughout the movie, This time, there's love, friendship and family. And in this movie, I find similarities between it and Lord of the ring - where instead of the ring, its the evil locket this time. And the appearance of the 'elf' who whispers - is similar to that of Lord of the rings. Absence is the feel of magic with a mixture of fairy tales. This movie seemed more catered for the adult crowd where less laughter but with more dread and reality - such as the torture of Hermoine and the death of the'elf' and the murder of the teacher of magic and the jealousy of Ron because of the closeness percieved between Harry and Hermione..

Its still a nice watch though. The effects were good - it kept me reveted to my seat.

The following day I did my 3 month blood donation.
Look how cute. They changed their squeeze balls for the deepavali celebration :)

And I think silkair is doing a good job in connecting with the public. Every Sunday when I see the Silkair corner for the pictures shown as well as it having the period where you can log into their site and decorate and have a online diary where you can put your pictures and arrange it in the diary format and also have designs where you can insert. And that day while walking around, saw that Silkair had its booth. And it had the character standing on it. Interesting right?

And on the weekends, I went on a food spree!
Let me share with you the good and cheap food that I had! The hawker at Cheng San! :)

From Sarawak's Kitchen :)

The Kolo Mee!
( Ate it for continuously 3 weeks)

Its also famous for its Laksa - Thinks its ok~

From Da Mu Yu Yuan Mian!

Their Fishball noodles!
( They make the fishball themselves! And the noodles were just right!)

Dried one

With Soup

And on the weekend, I went to Brotzeit - The German Restaurant.
Was amazed by how much pork Germans consume.
Though I am not a meat fan ( prefer vegetables) I decided to try the sausage since its suppose to be famous in Germany.

The sausages I ordered were so freshly made and the mixture of pork and veal just melts in your mouth.

And the pretzel was baked and chewy - though a little too much salt on top.

And the atmosphere was nice. Did not know the place existed. Its in Raffles city. At the back North Bridge area. Also saw a Japanese cafe open beside it. Looks so nice! I'm gonna try it next.

And to end off my favorite drink from 7-11. I like the mixture of green tea with the flavorings - and how its not too sweet.

Okay I'm very sleepy. See you soon!
Some bloggers went on a star cruise today. Wanted to go too but had work!
Next time! hahahahaha...

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