Friday, November 5, 2010

Dia De Muertos

On 30.10.2010 Together with My Mexican friends, while everyone was celebrating Halloween, we , together with fellow couchsurfers, were celebrating Dia de Muertos :)

Our Mexican friend Karina, The Chef

Who served us the food she cooked :)


Mole ( Brought from Mexico)

Arroz con Leche ( Rice with Milk)

And also the Jamaica Drink (Hibiscus Tea) which was so refreshing

I miss Horcharta (Rice drink)

Her HDB neighbor also came to join in the fun with his 'Satan' image and tried to kill us all. hahahahaha..

They started the night by bringing out the Ukuleles accompanied by a guitar for the song " Bendita Tu Luz" by Mana

Here's the version by the original version ( with Eng sub for understanding)

Next we prepared for our night walk to our friends' place.

What a fun night! :)

The next time, a Salsa dancing night too maybe. hahahahaha.. I miss dancing Salsa through the night :)

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