Wednesday, October 16, 2013

i-Love to Run @ Jurong Point & JB Yummy Food

Being a fan of Running Man, My friend told me when she saw this event i-Love to Run @ Jurong Point on Facebook.
Immediately I said Yes - In anticipation of the 'violent ' Girl-boy fight with the bells on the leg.
But it was not so. It more like the first part of running part - to complete tasks and win points.

We were registered for the couple challenge.
First round. First group. 12 Oct at 3pm.

Received a phone that required to log in an app then it will reveal the picture of the first clue.
Really High tech!
Given 1.5 hours to complete 8 or 10 stations.

They were smart to ask us to take the group photo before the race.
Because I was exhausted from all the exercise after.

Realized a number of teams have joined before and so after the race I learnt these  tactics
1. Get a map of this shopping mall
2. Map down sponsors locations ( Not all will appear but at least some will)
3. Walk around the mall and notice the "I love to run" sign. I mean some of it will definitely be stations.

For us, we were NEW. so we just run around frantically. Trying to find the places on our hand phone.

First station was folding clothes.I was a little frantic because I would normally just hang it in my cupboard or just throw it in - after all its to be worn at home. So now there was a technique to folding clothes. Fortunately my partner was expert and we manage to get it done fast and within time limit.

But the worse was our 2nd station where we were there for way too long.
Try and get one minute on the stopwatch (Must be exact. cannot even 1 second more) blindfolded.
We should have forsake that station. Mistake.
I felt like throwing the stopwatch on the flow on my 10th try. Step on it! haha. Violent tendencies.

And the subsequent stations was (I can't remember all) 
1. That movement tracker device you see on running man - must hit a certain number before you can go. Mine was on the leg and the song was Gangnam Style. After shaking and dancing and jumping up and down for 10 minutes, only 43 - a far cry from the 110 needed. My legs were soft like jelly already. Thankfully after you fail the round you could choose another number and we got 70. So my friend whose device was on the hand decide to do all the job. She has super arms! Had to massage her hand after.  - this game made me think of the post it game. One must shake off all the post it before can pass. haha. 
2. Search through all the bags to find the running man sticker. I truly hate games such as this that requires patience and such details. Irritated. There were close to 200 bags there. And some of the bags had 3 pouches each. 
3. This was the easy one. I had to paint my nail with a color polish and my friend had to choose the color. At least this was better than the amazing race I did previously where your partner had to do make up for your face and another partner had to guess the products. That's so difficult right. Especially so when someone like me who does not touch make up much. 
4. Run around a store looking for a person with the running man sticker. Another detailed game. Felt like a crazy person shouting " you running man? you running man?" and scrutinizing people at their boobs. That's a first for me. haha. 
5. Drinking 3 teas. Original, Lemon, and rice. It tasted all the same to me. But thanks to my partner. she guessed it right at the first try.
 Here's our miserable score. We were so upset that we couldn't make it to the finals.
BUT never mind. Next year. 2014!

Oh wait.
If you have 3 other friends meaning you can form a team of 4, there is still an opportunity for you to join this!
Qualifying rounds for 19 October is still open. 
Registration is open to all aged 16 to 55, and winners stand to walk away with attractive prizes!

Register now in 3 simple steps:

1) Form a team of 4 for the Team Challenge
 2) Email your team particulars (team name, members’ names, age, IC number, gender, mobile number, email address, preferred date of qualifying round) with the subject header ‘i-Love To Run 2013 Registration – Team Challenge’ to
3) Be patient and wait for the notification of your team’s selection!

Do it today. 
If I could find 2 more friends, I would join! But not alot of people like to run around malls. sadly. haha. 

Oh! and the victorious finalists will battle for the top places during the Final Round on 20 October.  

After all those exercise, 
Now we will go into FOOD I had at Johor on the weekends the day after the event above.
To restore my energy! Haha! 

This is the bah kut teh store near JB Customs. Its also near to Herbal chicken place where I adore.
Bah kut teh soup is ok. I prefer the stronger herbs kind. But my brother likes this. I like that it has Tau kee though.  And superlike their lemon jelly. 够酸

This restaurant is near the mall that most Singaporeans frequent in JB.
Totally worth the money. Delicious!

No 1. Cod Fish. Love how fresh it was! This was fried but did not feel very oily! 
And the sauce was sweet with a tinge of salty, I like!
 2. Stir fried mussels? I love the sauce. Taste like chili crab sauce.
 3. Baby shrimps fried prawn. Recommended by cousin. It was better than the cereal one thats for sure. But more expensive.
 4.Self-made tofu with vegetable. Smooth and not salty. I like.
5. Lemon sauce fried chicken bits. Its nice. But we ordered too much. And by then I was too full. 
But I like the crispyness.

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